Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix

By Andre Leibovici
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During Citrix Synergy 2014, Nutanix unveiled the preview of a Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix. The reference architecture offering a dense 1,000 virtual desktops along with the Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure in 6 rack-mount units, generated a lot of interest from attendees and press alike. Today we formally announced the CVS for Nutanix over the PR wires.

What is it?

The Citrix Validated Solution (CVS) is a fully tested, end-to-end design for all hardware, software and services that delivers a complete Desktop Virtualization solution. Based on Citrix best practices and insight from hundreds of customers, CVS reduces the risk of deployment delays, delivers a better user experience and a higher return-on-investment.

Citrix Validated Solution with Nutanix

The Citrix Validated Solution for Desktop Virtualization has been built with an understanding of the hardware and software components required to deliver virtual and hosted desktops at any scale, and using best practice configuration and field experience. The Citrix Consulting group have developed and validated an end-to-end Nutanix solution to certify the interoperability and performance of all solution components. In the Nutanix case, Citrix consulting engineers themselves tested and validated the entire solution.

The Citrix Validated Solution with Nutanix helps enterprises eliminate the challenges associated with software and infrastructure selection and implementation. Citrix completely validated a solution that has been pre-tested and optimized for Desktop Virtualization.

The scale-out approach offered by Nutanix further expedite the route to production, which reduces the TCO and increases the ROI for Citrix Desktop Virtualization deployments. The production-ready desktop virtualization solution based on Citrix XenDesktop, Hyper-V and Nutanix are capable of supporting thousands of virtual desktops in a standardized and repeatable manner.

High Level Design

The construct of this Citrix Validated Solution is based on many decisions that were made during validation testing. Testing was carried out using the Login VSI Virtual Session Index (VSI), an industry standard tool for user / session benchmarking

The hardware platform of choice is Nutanix NX-3060 node, which consists of 20 core Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge CPU processors, 256GB RAM and a mix of SSD and HDD storage. A Nutanix 2U system (also called as a Nutanix block) consists of four individual NX-3060 nodes and is referred to as NX-3460. The Hyper-V servers were part of the solution and integrated to the Nutanix hardware through the Nutanix Foundation Deployment Tool.

This Citrix Validated Solution and its components were designed, built and validated to support two distinct Citrix virtual desktop types. Each desktop type is described to support up to 1,000 user desktop sessions:


  • Hosted Shared Desktops. Up to 1,000 individual user sessions running XenDesktop Hosted Shared Desktops on Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Session Hosts


  • Hosted Virtual Desktops. Up to 1,000 individual XenDesktop Hosted Virtual Desktops running Windows 7 Enterprise x64.

This architecture is a single, self-supporting modular component identified as a CVS block, supporting up to 1,000 users allowing customers to consistently build and deploy scalable environments.

The platform, once deployed, can be scaled out repeatedly in simple operations to support additional load when needed. A Citrix Validated Solution includes defined configurations for all the underlying hardware components. Additional load can be easily supported through the provisioning of additional supporting infrastructure. This scale out process can be automated for customers who require rapid deployment.

Learn more about the Citrix Validated Solution by download the 2 page solution brief or the Technical Summary for the CVS for Nutanix.