Another day, another app: Nutanix platform now delivers graphics rich virtual desktops

By Adam Moreland
| min

Most people, at least those with mobile phones, understand that Apple reinvented the way we interact with technology. They created a revolutionary platform that accommodates an unbelievable spectrum of apps. Even today, more than 930 new apps are created every day, yet the platform remains relatively unchanged. This is an incredible feat and Apple’s success can be attributed to this platform flexibility.

With the NX-7110 announcement this morning, it becomes more apparent than ever why Nutanix is a Virtual Computing PLATFORM. Much like Apple did for mobile, Nutanix makes it easy to run any virtual workload on a flexible, turnkey platform. This includes VDI (Best of VMworld 2011), Private Cloud (Best of VMworld 2013), and Big Data (Best of VMworld 2012).

So what did Nutanix do to address each of these vastly different applications? Much like Apple, the answer is… you guessed it, we changed NOTHING. Sure we continue to innovate with additional enterprise features such as Elastic De-dupe, broader hypervisor support, etc. – but the truth is that Nutanix is turning the industry on its head by delivering a distributed platform that is purpose-built to run nearly any VM.

Today, Nutanix announced the integration of NVIDIA’s GPU GRID technology and Teradici’s PCoIP Hardware Accelerator – delivering the industry’s first converged platform for graphics rich virtual desktops. Nutanix customers can now run any virtual desktop from task and knowledge workers to power and data scientists all on a single platform. Thousands of new applications are now available including video streaming, CAD design, geospatial services, 3D rendering and more. At the surface, this may look like just a new hardware release, however what’s arguably more impressive is that the 100% software-defined architecture by Nutanix required no changes and was immediately optimized for each new application.

Apple is expected to hit 1 million apps in less than two months. Very few of these applications were conceptualized at the time Apple’s platform was designed. In similar fashion, Nutanix has only a small glimpse into the future of virtualization, yet is positioned better than any other platform to accommodate (and enable) the wave of applications that are expected to hit the market.

Rapid deployment, unlimited scale, future proof and simplicity continue to be on the forefront of what Nutanix delivers to its customers.