3 Quick Questions with .NEXT Europe Speaker Fabien Cousteau

By Jordan McMahon
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Fabien Cousteau is an aquanaut, oceanographic explorer, and environmental advocate. The grandson of pioneering marine conservationist and explorer Jacques Cousteau, Fabien has dedicated his life to learning about and interacting with marine life, and sharing his insights with local communities and children worldwide through the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center.

We reached out to Fabien, fresh off of a film shoot in Malaysia, to get some answers about his work, the life aquatic, and the strangest question children ask him about his adventures at sea:

Your family’s work has been fascinating and inspiring the world for decades. You’re a mainstage speaker at .NEXT Nice, but what is it like being on a global “mainstage?”

I have been unbelievably blessed with the opportunity to speak on stages such as TED, Google Zeitgeist, and Bloomberg just to name a couple. It is a privilege to share stories that inspire and motivate. In the words of my grandfather “when a person has the chance to lead an extraordinary life he/she has no right to keep it to themselves.”

I understand you have an article coming up in NEXT Magazine that focuses on how what you’ve learned in your undersea adventures can translate to business evolution on land. What’s one important takeaway from that article for our readers?

Everything is connected, and the connector for existence on this planet is the ocean. Having explored less than 5% of the liquid realm to date we know so little about it. Yet, that extreme environment is a perfect platform to test new technologies, gather new data, find new cures and so much more. The one takeaway would be to understand and implement the three natural laws of longevity: adaptation, diversification, and evolution in order to thrive as a business.

Technology is an integral part of your work, from utilizing state-of-the-art underwater cameras to actually creating a shark-shaped submarine. What’s next in marine tech?

We strive to go deeper, longer and further. Technology is the key to giving us that extended reach. New marine tech such as the Nuytco EXOSUIT are giving us that next step.

Okay– this is “3 Questions” but we have one more: We’re curious—what is the question kids ask most at your Ocean Learning Center?

How do aquanauts poop…

Hear more from Fabien Cousteau at .NEXT Europe this November in Nice, France and in the upcoming issue of NEXT Magazine.

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