Web-Scale Wednesday Wrap-Up: Watch On-Demand

By Suda Srinivasan
| min
Web Scale Wednesday

To everyone who participated in the first Web-scale Wednesday on June 25th and helped make the event an unmitigated success, THANK YOU! Drawing over 1,700 registrants worldwide, this industry event was a big first step in broadening the conversation about web-scale IT and its relevance to the enterprise market.

Speakers and panelists from the press and analyst community and companies across the industry, including Wikibon, The Register, Citrix, Veeam, Twitter, DataStax, Dell, CFEngine and Nutanix, shared a broad range of views on the topic of web-scale IT. Participants – believers, skeptics and the unopinionated – engaged with the speakers and with each other actively over social media throughout the day.

Enterprise adoption of web-scale IT technologies is well underway and unstoppable at this point. Enterprise IT is fighting for relevance in the face of public cloud services, and the old way of doing things is too slow, complex and expensive to cut it.