AOS Disaster Recovery

Whatever your RPO and RTO needs, we have you covered.

Leverage Nutanix disaster recovery options for a complete business continuity plan. Whether replicating on-premises or to the cloud, our DR features deliver the RPO and RTO you need, across your environment.

Acropolis native DR, or Xi Leap in the cloud. Whatever you choose, Nutanix delivers simple, flexible, modern disaster recovery.

Get Fully Protected with Metro Availability

Guarantee near-100% availability and zero data loss for your mission-critical apps with synchronous replication to a secondary site within a metro area. Enjoy one-click failover, non-disruptive migrations, and worry-free operations.

Leverage the Cloud for Effortless DR

Get disaster recovery protection in minutes—without a secondary site. Xi Leap delivers DR natively in the cloud. Choose a subscription plan and select the VMs you want protected, all from within Prism. It’s that simple.

Define and Test Your Automated Recovery

Decide in advance how you’d like your disaster recovery to proceed, per application. Plan your entire failover workflow, and then run simulations to ensure your system is compliant. Nutanix Recovery Plans help make your operations worry-free.  

Access Async Replication…

Get protection for all your apps—without latency or distance requirements. Async replication enables resolution to a disaster event with minimal data loss in just minutes.

… And NearSync Replication

Achieve RPOs as low a one minute for your mission-critical apps. NearSync delivers simple setup and failover by leveraging continuous on-the-wire transfers and existing DR workflows.

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