U.S. Army PEO Aviation Expands Use of Nutanix Web-scale Architecture

Company’s Converged Solutions Provide Scalability and Efficiency through Virtualization

San Jose, CA – October 20, 2014 – Nutanix, the leading provider of next-generation datacenter infrastructure solutions, today announced that the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Aviation (PEO Aviation), located at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, has expanded its use of the company’s web-scale infrastructure solutions. The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform eliminates the need for costly and complex storage area networks by integrating high-performance storage and compute into one unified appliance.

With the procurement of the Nutanix NX-3050 and NX-7110 series of products, PEO Aviation is further expanding its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to better support its responsibility of handling the Army’s helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems. PEO Aviation currently maintains 400 virtual desktops for roughly 250 users; this new expansion will allow PEO Aviation to increase its VDI environment by up to 500 additional virtual desktops. The additional capacity will also enable PEO Aviation to deliver graphically intensive, three-dimensional (3D) applications in its virtual desktop environment.

“Our VDI program has been hugely successful in terms of our ability to provide enhanced functionality and performance to our end users,” said Alan Marett, Server/Network Team Lead for PEO Aviation. “We have also significantly decreased our technology footprint and the converged approach enables us to scale as required.”

Nutanix’s groundbreaking approach to datacenter convergence provides modular, “building block” scaling that enables agencies to start small and grow incrementally, resulting in unprecedented cost savings and efficiency and near immediate return on investment. The platform is simple and fast to install (deploys in about 45 minutes), requires little to no operation or management intervention and its performance is dramatically faster compared to legacy infrastructures.

“Web-scale is a unique approach to designing, building and managing datacenter infrastructure,” said Chris Howard, Vice President, Federal, Nutanix. “It offers predictability in terms of scalability, a lower total cost of ownership and is agile to easily respond to changing demands. This approach is a perfect fit for government agencies that are pursuing consolidation, cloud or mobile initiatives in a budget-conscious environment.”

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