Nlyte Software

Since 2004 Nlyte has been committed to helping organizations optimize the management of their IT assets. Nlyte automates NextGen discovery, workflow management, and reporting across the entire technology stack, physical, virtual, and edge, including software and IoT devices. Nlyte reduces costs and risk while improving efficiency and transparency for the entire organization.

Using Nlyte’s monitoring, management, workflow and analytics capabilities, organizations can automate the management of their resources to reduce costs, improve uptime and ensure compliance with organizational policies.

Nlyte provides Nutanix customers with an enhanced computing Infrastructure orchestration and management layer.  This functionality extends from facilities across the fabric to support workloads physical or virtual at any scale.

The world’s most sophisticated IT organizations use Nlyte’s comprehensive out-of-the-box ready software solutions. Nlyte’s commitment to optimize asset management, making it easier for people to do their job more efficiently and improve agility across the global organization, continues to develop a loyal following represented by a 98% retention of customers.