With industry leading density, power efficiency and low latency, the Mellanox Spectrum switches are the first non-blocking leaf/spine switches providing unmatched performance advantage while lowering operating expenses. With the unique form factor, the SN2010/2100 switches are ideal TOR switches for hyperconverged infrastructures, enabling business applications at the highest performance for best return on investment.

Based on a distributed scale-out architecture, Nutanix solutions natively converge compute, storage and virtualization into a single appliance for all enterprise workloads at any scale. Mellanox Ethernet switch solutions greatly reduce the networking complexity, especially when the IT infrastructure scales and enterprise-class reliability is required.

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Validated Solutions:

  • Mellanox NEO Prism API Integration Version 1.1 is validated on AHV
  • The following product models are hypervisor-agnostic and have been validated:

    - Mellanox SN2010 - MLNX-OS v3.6.6100
    - Mellanox SN2100 - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SN2100B - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SN2100C - cumulus-linux-3.2.1
    - Mellanox SN2410 - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SN2410B - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SN2410C - cumulus-linux-3.2.1
    - Mellanox SN2700 - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SN2700B - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SN2700C - cumulus-linux-3.2
    - Mellanox SX1012 - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01
    - Mellanox SX1012X - MLNX-OS-3.6.3504-01