Kyndryl and Nutanix:
A Trusted Partnership

Kyndryl is both a Nutanix Technology Alliance partner and Global System Integrator partner. Building on the relationship that began with IBM GTS, Nutanix and Kyndryl continue to co-develop integrated solutions and support some of the largest enterprise and public sector Nutanix environments in the world.

Why Work with Kyndryl and Nutanix

AHV at Scale

Kyndryl delivers and supports some of the largest Nutanix AHV footprints in the world, offering customers hypervisor choice in their virtualized environments.

Complex Transformation Projects

Kyndryl has successfully implemented Nutanix to deliver private cloud solutions at some of the largest companies in the world, refreshed infrastructure at critical manufacturing plants, and helped customers transition their workloads onto the AHV hypervisor, offering better TCO and capabilities.

Mission Critical Focus

Together, Kyndryl and Nutanix support critical workloads for customers that demand the highest levels of uptime and security.

Joint Solutions / Focus Areas

Private Cloud

The Kyndryl Development For Private Cloud Infrastructure (D4PCI) offering can help customers quickly implement a private cloud using Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). With Nutanix HCI, customers can start small and scale out quickly as needed without having to re-architect or change solutions.

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