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Thursday, May 3rd – Monday, May 7th

Calling all Architects!

For future architects of the Enterprise Cloud, Nutanix is organizing an NPX bootcamp at .NEXT. For those looking to design and deliver custom-built, cutting-edge solutions to support the business goals of the Global 2000 and government agencies in every region of the world – the NPX is your mile marker.

Seats are limited to 24. Program is free to all. Click here to register.

If you can’t make it to the .NEXT bootcamp, look here for other NPX events.

NPX hopefuls, this is your moment

Also from May 3rd to 7th, we will be conducting NPX exams. If you seek to validate your mastery of solution design, you will be able to present before our panel of reviewers and, if approved, will join the ranks of the some of the most skilled architects of the Enterprise Cloud.

As a bonus, you will receive a complimentary pass to .NEXT if you certify in New Orleans.

Click here to apply for the NPX certification exam at .NEXT.

Monday, May 7th

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration 5.5 Refresher

For current holders of the Nutanix Platform Professional certification, NPP 4.0 or greater, this learner-directed refresher will prepare you to update to our new Nutanix Certified Professional certification, NCP 5.5. We'll cover product and administration changes that have occurred between Nutanix AOS 4.0-5.5 so that you can take the NCP 5.5 on your own time or stop by the .NEXT BYOD Certification Center to get certified while you're in New Orleans. This program is limited to 70 partners and is ideal for those planning to obtain the new Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer, NCSE L1 certification.

Program is free to all partners, but registration in advance is required. Add this to your .NEXT Agenda builder to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, May 8th

Exploring the Nutanix Hypervisor 5.X

Over years of iteration, the Acropolis Operating System (AOS) has evolved into a powerful, efficient tool that provides a wealth of benefits to businesses and IT teams alike. Join us for an exploration of some of the newest, most exciting features that AOS has to offer, including the Self-Service Portal, Prism Pro, Acropolis File Services, Acropolis Block Services, Network Visualization, and more.

The classroom course will be live, led by an instructor, and will include hands-on labs. If you’re just beginning your journey with Nutanix, an AOS test drive is the perfect place to start.

Seats are limited to 50. Program price is $799. Add this course to your .NEXT event registration on Step 2

Nutanix Certified Sales Representative (NCSR), Sales Academy Level 1

If you’re a sales rep who hasn’t participated in the Nutanix Sales Academy, here’s your chance to remedy that. Complete the newly designed Nutanix Certified Sales Representative Level 1 certification at .NEXT and take your first steps on the lucrative journey towards selling the Enterprise Cloud.

Seats are limited to 60 partners.

Program is free to all, but registration in advance is required. Add this to your .NEXT Agenda builder to reserve your spot.

Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE), SE Academy L1

If you’re an SE who hasn’t begun the Nutanix Systems Engineering Academy, we have the starting line prepared for you. Complete the Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer Level 1 certification at .NEXT and take the first steps towards sizing, architecting, and designing solutions for the Enterprise Cloud.

Note: Requires successful completion of the NPP AOS 5.5 certification.

Seats are limited to 150 partners.

Program is free to all, but registration in advance is required.

Add this to your .NEXT Agenda builder to reserve your spot.

Partners seeking NCSX, come on down

Finally, also on May 8th, we will be conducting Nutanix Certified Sales Expert (NCSX) certification exams for partners. This is the highest level of Nutanix Sales certifications and only the best and brightest qualify. If you’re up to the challenge, contact your local Nutanix channel manager to get nominated.

Wednesday, May 9th – Thursday, May 10th

Hands-on Labs

The Enterprise Cloud is best understood when you get some quality time with the product itself – which is why we’ve arranged hands-on labs at .NEXT. During your session, you’ll get to explore Calm, APIs, Microsegmentation, and Acropolis File System -- just to name a few! -- first hand. If that sounds interesting, this is where you sign up. The labs will be available all day for drop ins, or you can add one of our four dedicated sessions to your schedule via the Agenda Builder.

Genius Bar

Get advice and answers from the globally recognized experts on Nutanix technology, our Nutanix Platform Experts (NPXs). They'll be staffing the Genius Bar in the Solutions Expo all week, so bring any questions you're having and take advantage of their knowledge and experience.

Tuesday, May 8th – Thursday, May 10th

BYOD Certification Center

If you’ve attended one of our training programs but have yet to earn the certification for it, this is your chance. Every day from 8am-6pm we will be offering the opportunity to earn your certificates, without attending one of the on-site training courses.

No registration is required, simply walk on in. See the agenda builder for location

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