Conference Session Descriptions

Executive Track

Secure Business in a Global Marketplace

Thursday, June 29 | 10:30 am - 11:20 am
Stephen Hadley, Former U.S. National Security Advisor
How can we anticipate and prepare for unexpected threats brought on by technological advances? What are the national security responsibilities of U.S. information technology companies? What impact does the U.S./Russia political dialogue have on the economy? Why and how should your company develop a strategic relationship with India? Hear from one of the nation's leading experts on security affairs and doing business overseas, Stephen Hadley, Former U.S. National Security Advisor, and share your challenges and lessons learned.

The "Ah Ha" Question: Are You Investing in Technology?

Thursday, June 29 | 11:30 am - 12:20 pm
Virginia Gambale, Managing Partner of Azimuth Partners LLC and Board Director for JetBlue, First Derivatives & Dundee Corporation
Amazon was berated for not being profitable, while heavily investing in building out its infrastructure, only to unveil a lucrative new business around web services. The result was an "ah ha" moment that changed financial models for investors. And yet, why is it that more board members and investors aren't asking corporate leaders the simple, yet powerful question: are you investing in technology? As one of Wall Street's top technologists and a former CIO at Merril Lynch, Bankers Trust, Alex Brown, and Venture/Private Equity Partner at Deutsche Bank, Virginia Gamble has a view on how and why the technology conversation needs to move from the cold room to the boardroom. Come share and discuss IT's role in driving business value.

Negotiating in the Face of Resistance to Change

Thursday, June 29 | 2:00 pm – 2:50 pm
Deepak Malhotra, Harvard Business School Professor
Business leaders spend much of their time negotiating. As it turns out, whether you are navigating a deal or sitting down with internal stakeholders, having the best idea, proposal or offering is often insufficient. How do you convince people who have strongly held views, preconceived notions, or who are simply too comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done? Learn from a renowned business school professor on how to negotiate when you don’t have the money or muscle to force your point of view.

The Internet of Things: How to Increase Profits and Avoid Disasters

Friday, June 30 | 9:00 am - 9:50 am
Dr. John Bates, CEO of Plat.ONE and Author of Thingalytics
The Internet of Things is changing the world. As each device, from tractors to refrigerators to ships, is digitized and connected to the Cloud, it presents a unique opportunity for innovative businesses to profit from the digital data it creates. However, for many organizations there is trepidation around how to get started in IoT – particularly with regard to finding a profitable business model that makes the investment worthwhile, as well as avoiding expensive disasters. Discuss and explore new business modes that have been proven to increase profits, as well as techniques to minimize the risk of disasters with the author of the book "Thingalytics"!

Growing from HCI to the Enterprise Cloud

Friday, June 30 | 10:00 am - 10:50 am
Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, CEO & Chairman of Nutanix
Companies that are growing fast go through the paradox of growth: growth creates complexity and complexity kills growth. How you create sustainable growth comes down to a few critical fundamentals including the culture of the business. How do you foster an insurgent's mission? How do you stay ahead of legacy incumbents? What does the next act mean for Nutanix and customers? Come share in an intimate conversation with Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, CEO & Chairman of Nutanix, who has been recognized in Dell's Founders 50; EY's Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon Valley; and CRN's "Top 25 Innovators" lists.
Nutanix Fundamentals

Nutanix 101

Are you a Nutanix Newbie? Jump into this introductory product session to learn the fundamentals of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software and its key capabilities. A Nutanix expert and a Nutanix operator from a well-known corporation will demonstrate how Nutanix delivers a complete cloud “stack” with the server, storage virtualization and network resources to run any application. Learn the basics of hyperconverged infrastructure, and understand how to deploy Nutanix in your datacenter or branch/remote office.

Nutanix AHV Basics

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud makes virtualization invisible, leveraging Nutanix's built-in and license free hypervisor – AHV. This powerful introduction to AHV and Prism's integrated virtualization management explains the benefits of converging the virtualization layer with the infrastructure stack. A veteran Nutanix engineer will demonstrate how easy it is to provision new workloads on AHV, and manage the full virtualization environment via Prism. See all of the enterprise-grade capabilities that make AHV the perfect choice for your applications and IT budget.

Managing Your Datacenter – Prism and Prism Pro

Nutanix Prism incorporates consumer-grade design principles to radically simplify datacenter operations and management –saving IT administrators time, reducing overall TCO and increasing end-to-end infrastructure efficiency. Join us at this engaging product session and learn from Nutanix experts how Prism and Prism Pro tackle the full IT management lifecycle – from infrastructure deployment to monitoring, scaling and troubleshooting.

Choosing the Right Nutanix Platform

Finish the journey! You understand the power of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software. You’ve identified the applications for your new infrastructure. Now choose which hardware platform is best for your Nutanix environment. A Nutanix platform manager will detail the differences between appliance models, and answer common questions: When should I deploy an all-flash platform? What about NVMe? Should I use Nutanix appliances, or hardware from Dell, Lenovo, Cisco UCS or others? Learn everything you need to know about Nutanix hardware options.
Products & Technology

AHV – Virtualization You Always Wanted

Chances are you’re spending way too much time managing your virtualization stack, and paying far too much for what you’re getting. In the cloud era, the hypervisor should be invisible, built-in and license free. Come learn from Nutanix engineers proven AHV strategies for running nearly any virtual workload. See live demonstrations of how to use Nutanix Prism to manage your entire virtualization environment, and take full advantage of advanced AHV capabilities, such as VM mobility, resource scheduling and native networking features.

Nutanix Architecture Deep Dive – Super Session

Ready to learn as much as you can about Nutanix architecture? Join this unique double-length, double-value super session for a deep-dive into our web-scale software design. Nutanix solution architects will explain core data structures, metadata management, I/O path details, self-healing capabilities, storage and virtualization services, networking and much more. We’ll also acclimate you with new architectural enhancements that drive greater scale and performance – enabling you to get the most out of your Nutanix deployment.

Microsegementation Made Easy

Make sure your critical applications are protected with the latest in microsegmentation technologies! In this technology-focused session, Nutanix product managers will explain how to deploy and manage built-in Acropolis Microsegmentation Services to secure east-west traffic flows in your private cloud environment. See how to define application-specific policies that can secure VMs, container-based applications and microservices – without investing in complex and costly SDNs.

Building One-Click Networks

This datacenter design discussion is a must-do for advanced Nutanix users. Find out how you can automate common network operations to streamline application deployment workflows using the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Veteran Nutanix architects will show you how to leverage open APIs to automate policy updates to switches, application delivery controllers and firewalls based on a variety of lifecycle events, enabling your network to adapt as your applications change. We’ll also make sure you leave equipped with expert advice on using VMware NSX in a Nutanix-based infrastructure.

Getting the Network Right (the First Time!)

Don’t let the network fail you. In this technical session Nutanix experts will outline the most critical design considerations for building reliable and high-performance networks for your Nutanix environment. Come learn the best network architecture for your Enterprise Cloud, the right switch configurations, ideal network and traffic isolation strategies, important network performance optimizations and more. Plus, get a live demo of Nutanix’s new Network Visualization technology and see how you can resolve looming network issues before they impact your applications.

Fail Fast and Never Again

In the real world, IT does not always work the first time. This candid, no holds barred session will feature actual IT managers and datacenter architects who have experienced actual failures when building and deploying hyperconverged environments – but lived to tell about them. Learn what went wrong, common mistakes to avoid, how to quickly recover from mishaps, and the right ways to successfully build a reliable Enterprise Cloud using Nutanix.

Time to Rethink Files Services with Nutanix AFS

Businesses are demanding the same simplicity, elasticity and scalability as the public cloud for their important file server deployments, yet legacy NAS products continue to disappoint. Join this technical session and learn how Nutanix AFS simplifies the deployment and management of file services, while bringing unprecedented scalability. You’ll see live demonstrations of robust enterprise-grade features for your Enterprise Cloud, and hear firsthand from a datacenter manager using Nutanix for file services.

Block Storage in the Age of Enterprise Cloud

Today’s datacenters still have workloads that have not been virtualized, nor will be. Now what? This technical deep dive will detail how bare metal applications and external applications can leverage the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and benefit from the same simplified management, scalability, and blazing-fast performance as virtualized workloads. Learn how to eliminate the last of your storage silos, streamline overall lifecycle management for all of your applications and data, and say goodbye to standalone SANs once and for all.

SOS! Nutanix Troubleshooting

Resolve issues faster, and learn how to partner with Nutanix support teams. Attendees at this technical session will get acquainted with critical support tools, along with tried and true best practices for successfully managing Nutanix environments. Listen in as Nutanix engineers share how to get the most out of Pulse HD, System Alerts, Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC), and show you live how to troubleshoot a real production issue.

Self-Service Everything

Get ready to learn all the secrets to becoming an internal IT service provider to your organization. In this technical session, Nutanix product experts will demonstrate how Prism’s Self-Service Portal delivers a public cloud-like experience to IT end users, such as application development teams. Learn how to maintain control of your datacenter infrastructure, while still giving internal groups the ability to provision, monitor and manage their own environments. To get you started, we’ll give you a “how-to-palooza” showing how to define IT projects, establish secure user permissions, and set resource quotes for Nutanix server, storage and virtualization resources.

Stretch your Cluster with Metro Availability

Two datacenters, with mission critical applications, requiring no data loss? No problem! Learn how Metro Availability enables stretched clustering across sites to keep applications and data highly available – even during datacenter outages. Attendees at this product technology breakout will learn from Nutanix engineers how Metro Availability can provide continuous data protection with a zero recovery point objective (RPO) and a near zero recovery time objective (RTO). Get the latest on our new witness capability which enables site failover with no administrative intervention, learn how Metro supports three site configurations with concurrent synchronous and asynchronous replication, and see a live demo on how to implement Metro Availability in just a few clicks.

Infrastructure Planning Just Got Smarter

Stop guessing! Come see how innovative Nutanix tools take the guesswork out of IT lifecycle planning. Join Nutanix product experts to learn how our advanced sizing calculator recommends the correct infrastructure at the beginning of a project to eliminate expensive over-provisioning, and avoid undersized infrastructure for your applications. Then learn how our Prism-based Capacity Planner leverages machine-based X-Fit technology to recommend how to adapt capacity as application demands change. We’ll also explore the benefits of renting versus owning your infrastructure, and what options are available. The full IT lifecycle in just 50 minutes.


Curious about how other Nutanix environments are performing? Wondering if you could get more from your Nutanix deployment by adopting tried and true best practices? Come listen to Nutanix engineers present detailed findings from 4000+ Nutanix clusters around the globe, including: popular hardware configurations, data efficiency metrics, cluster sizing statistics, VM and workload densities, common network configurations and more. Get expert advice on how to maximize Nutanix cluster performance with the right system settings, policy choices and application configurations.

Applications & Workloads

Oracle and Nutanix: How to Architect an Efficient Environment

Oracle apps and databases power an organization’s most critical workloads. There is a time to be conservative, but not when it means sacrificing the performance, availability and economics of your Oracle infrastructure. Come listen to veteran enterprise IT managers running Oracle on Nutanix, and loving it. Get proven best practices from seasoned Nutanix solutions engineers of how to minimize the risk of infrastructure design, deployment and scaling of your Oracle project. Go home with details about architecting an efficient environment for Oracle eBusiness Suite, deploying test/dev environments and running core Oracle databases in production, and at scale.

The Ins and Outs of Running SAP Software on Nutanix

Hyperconvergence has been dismissed by many SAP Basis architects as lacking the maturity, performance and availability required for critical SAP workloads. Nutanix customers have proven the naysayers wrong – successfully deploying and running SAP on their Enterprise Clouds. Join this technical discussion and learn from Nutanix product experts and SAP application owners how the Nutanix web-scale architecture is a perfect fit for SAP deployments. Get practical advice on initial design, setup and migration – as well as “Day 2” operations including maintaining app availability and lowering operational risk. From the SAP NetWeaver platform, to architecting the requirements for S/4HANA, ride the Nutanix bridge to HANA. Understand the pros and cons when choosing the right infrastructure for your SAP Business Suite and NetWeaver application deployments.

Rise of the Machines (Data): Tackling Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is the leading platform for leveraging unstructured machine data to achieve greater operational intelligence. But, you know that already. Now it’s time to pick the most intelligent infrastructure for your Splunk Enterprise deployment. Come learn from a Nutanix Big Data expert and enterprise IT manager how to rapidly deploy and economically scale infrastructure for Splunk projects, and hear proven strategies for optimizing core big data operations, such as high-volume data ingest, efficient indexing, fast search and detailed data analysis.

All Microsoft Apps. One Platform.

From Microsoft SQL Server and Dynamics, to Microsoft Exchange, to Skype for Business, Microsoft applications are pervasive in Enterprise IT. The good news: they are also ideal for running on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Join this wide-ranging technical session with Microsoft solutions experts and datacenter managers from Global 2000 organizations and learn what it takes to make Microsoft deployments rock. Get real-world advice for migrating SQL Server workloads to Nutanix, and running them at scale with the highest possible performance and availability. Get valuable deployment basics to run all of your Microsoft applications on Nutanix.

All Workloads on Nutanix. Stupid or Smart?

Fact #1: The majority of Nutanix deployments are running multiple different workloads. Fact #2: More than 50% of new workloads deployed on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud are enterprise applications, including business-critical Oracle and SQL Server databases, SAP applications servers, big data apps including MongoDB, and tier one applications. Learn from technology and product experts why Nutanix is the smart choice for running all of your workloads in a single environment. Understand the powerful platform technologies delivering application QoS, data isolation and protection, app-specific performance optimization, VM-level management and monitoring and more.

Citrix VDI and Nutanix – Everything You Want to Know

Infrastructure can make or break a VDI project. Successful Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp deployments require efficient, high performance and scalable IT infrastructure to deliver a great user experience. Join this solutions-oriented session and learn everything you need to build your Citrix VDI environment on Nutanix, and see how the two companies are leveraging Nutanix AHV to make VDI installations simpler, and a lot more scalable. Hear from actual VDI project owners about what it takes to make Citrix VDI successful, and get a sneak peek into where Citrix + Nutanix integration is headed next.

VMware VDI and Nutanix – Everything You Want to Know

Ready to jump into VMware Horizon View? This technical session will provide valuable, real-world information on properly sizing, building, and configuring the Nutanix-based infrastructure for your VMware Horizon View deployments. Virtualization experts and Nutanix engineers will detail how to design the best VDI architecture to support any type of user, including non-persistent desktops, power users, and graphic-intensive desktops. You’ll also get expert advice on leveraging Nutanix integration with key VMware products and technologies, such as VCAI.

The Secrets to Building Private Clouds with Nutanix

Need simple, on-demand cloud infrastructure for delivering IT services to internal teams? In this cloud technology session, Nutanix architects and a cloud manager from a large enterprise will explain the best strategies to transition from plain vanilla virtualization to a true private cloud environment encompassing self service, advanced automation and service catalogs. Learn to create hybrid clouds with Nutanix, and how to implement popular solutions such as VMware vRealize Automation, Microsoft Windows Azure Pack and OpenStack. Nutanix engineers will walk through configuration requirements and operational demos – showing you how to build your own private cloud.

The Need for Speed: Sizing and Scaling Nutanix for Performance

Everyone wants a high-performance datacenter. Meeting the specific server, virtualization and storage requirements of popular enterprise workloads, however, is not always straightforward. Listen to experienced Nutanix performance engineers and learn what it takes to design, implement and tune your Nutanix-based infrastructure to drive maximum application performance. Get details on the latest Nutanix software-driven performance enhancements, learn how to pick the right Nutanix hardware platform, understand the performance metrics that accurately predict application success, and set the right strategies for testing the performance of your application environment.

Rethink the Remote Office

Managing IT for a few remote offices is difficult. Scaling management for hundreds of sites or more can be downright painful. Hear from a panel of IT managers and Nutanix solution experts on how to efficiently deploy and manage Nutanix infrastructure outside of the datacenter. Get the latest information on Nutanix product advancements that streamline remote and branch office IT administration, including multi-site policy management with Prism Central, centralized data protection strategies with the new one node replication, one-click software upgrades for remote locations and more.

Ensuring Business Continuity for Business Critical Apps

“The application is down” – a phrase no IT professional ever wants to hear, especially when thousands of dollars are on the line. Join this technical session and learn from experienced datacenter architects how to create an IT strategy for keeping Tier 0/1 applications highly available in the face of datacenter failures. Get actionable information about Nutanix resiliency, data protection and availability features, and discover the best infrastructure, virtualization, application and services strategies to meet RPOs and RTOs requirements for even the most critical workloads – including SAP, SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.

Lift and Shift – Migrating Workloads to Nutanix

Provisioning Nutanix-based infrastructure is easy, but what about moving applications to Nutanix? In this session, an experienced Nutanix consultant and a datacenter director for a global company will share real-world best practices for efficiently and easily migrating all types of server workloads to a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. You will hear in-depth and practical information on migration assessments, platform sizing, performance analysis and more. In addition, you will learn how to choose the right tools for your migration project, and when to enlist expert third-party services and facilities to mitigate risk.

When AWS is Not Forever

As organizations embrace public cloud services, it is critical to maintain the portability of applications and data, which includes the freedom to bring applications back from the public cloud. In this cloud strategy session, we will examine the pertinent technical and business criteria you should take into account when migrating workloads between AWS and private cloud environments. You’ll also hear about real-world projects where application owners have successfully made the transition back from public clouds. Attendees will walk away with a full understanding of the cloud decision making process, and a project check list for when it’s time to migrate workloads back from AWS.

Infrastructure Strategies for Mode 2 Apps

Managing datacenter infrastructure was easy when applications were well understood and predictable. Enter Mode 2 apps, which use newer development methodologies, change rapidly and need agile infrastructure that keeps pace. Join this informative technology discussion on how to design and implement the right datacenter infrastructure to get the most out of cloud native applications. Learn the IT requirements for running popular Mode 2 apps, including containers, advanced microservices, NoSQL databases and more. Learn how to evolve your datacenter with an elastic data platform that simplifies management at scale, and that can respond quickly to changing needs.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud with Hyper-V and Windows 2016

Nutanix takes pride in being hypervisor agnostic and continues that tradition with our Windows Server 2016 support for Hyper-V. Hyper-V with Windows Server 2016 has introduced a number of new key features including discrete device assignment, change block tracking and switch embedded teaming to name a few. This session will explore Hyper-V support with Nutanix including the technical details around our integration with Windows Server 2016 and its ecosystem of products. Learn the key differences between Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 on Nutanix. Obtain best practices and considerations when deploying a Windows Server 2016 based Hyper-V solution with Nutanix. Understand the integration points with the Hyper-V ecosystem of products including the System Center suite and Azure Pack.
IT Vision & Strategy

How IT Leaders Can Provide Strategic Advantage

New waves of disruptive technologies are giving IT leaders new opportunities to provide strategic value to their firms. Simultaneously, the consumerization of technology is requiring organizations to rethink how they deliver, manage and measure services. How, as an IT leader, can you carve a path for navigating these new issues – and produce substantial business value? This session, hosted by a renowned IT thought leader and Columbia University professor, will give you access to one-of-a-kind insights on how to leverage emerging digital technologies and drive your firm’s competitive advantage in a dynamic environment.

Presenter: Dr. Art Langer is the Director of the Center for Technology Management at Columbia University. His research and practice addresses the need for evolving technology leadership to lead the digital transformation of work in the 21st century.

Driving the Business with Datacenter Investments

Datacenter professionals often focus on the technological aspects of their operations, rather than business value. Linking IT accomplishments to business metrics is frequently overlooked, and getting business leaders to recognize the value of IT investments remains elusive. In this session, we invite you to join a former datacenter executive and Gartner research director in answering your questions on how to map business objectives to infrastructure and operations key performance indicators (KPIs). Learn how to take advantage of new technologies and deployment methods, and change the perception of IT from strictly as cost center to a valued business partner.

Presenter: Julia Palmer is a Research Director at Gartner covering emerging storage and hyperconverged strategies and technologies, addressing both software-defined and traditional datacenter storage. Ms. Palmer has more than 19 years of combined experience in many areas of information technology, such as storage infrastructure solutions, software-defined storage, web-scale datacenter, server hardware, flash technologies and more.

Picking the Right Cloud for Your Application

Which cloud – private or public – will provide the right profile of application performance, availability and cost for your business? What about security, workload lifespan and scaling? These are some of the pressing questions facing IT leaders. This in-depth strategy session will explore the breadth of business and technical considerations for choosing the right cloud environment. This discussion is headlined by an IDC analyst who will reveal results of recent ground-breaking research that analyzed the variables and decision factors determining the optimal runtime location for real-world applications. Get a proven methodology to plan public, private and hybrid cloud architectures.

Buy Less Nutanix. Run More Apps.

Rare is the IT vendor who encourages their customers to spend less. Join this panel discussion with a variety of successful datacenter managers to learn how they leveraged new IT capabilities, including fractional IT consumption models and non-disruptive upgrades, to shift investments from underlying infrastructure to business applications – and save money in the process. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to evaluate the economic benefits of web-scale datacenters throughout the full IT lifecycle, and get expert advice in building a business case for their digital transformation.

The panel will be moderated by Steve Kaplan, VP of Client Strategy for Nutanix.

Machine Learning for the Masses

Machine learning and machine intelligence have moved into the corporate datacenter, and are already powering essential datacenter tools. In this session, technology experts will explain what you need to know about this emerging technology, and how it delivers a new level of efficiency to datacenter operations. Along with seeing live demos of machine learning in action, attendees will learn how advanced algorithms can rapidly analyze large data sets to find relevant patterns, and employ inferential learning to make real-time adjustments to datacenter processes.

IoT and Edge Computing

We're living in a centralized world - but that's all about to change with the proliferation of Intelligent IoT devices, sensors and machine to machine (M2M) communication. Big data, security, governance and compliance are just a few of the key challenges businesses are faced with when considering IoT. Join us on a journey back to the edge where attendees will learn how Nutanix's intelligent software platform allows organizations to create and run agile intelligent M2M applications, analyze and predict behavior and drive greater business value.
Hybrid Cloud Essentials

Become Your Organization's Chief AWS Officer

Public cloud services, such as AWS, have not only forced an upheaval in enterprise datacenter design and operations, they are necessitating a new breed of IT leadership. The traditional CIO role is giving way to the “Chief AWS Officer." This business-focused leader is responsible for the ultimate success of business applications and projects – not simply building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Join this executive strategy session and hear from successful technology leaders who have embraced the cloud-first mandate, overcome organizational challenges, and succeeded in building, operating and managing their cloud-driven IT operations – including both private and public cloud infrastructures.

The Hybrid Cloud Rebooted

Blending public and private cloud infrastructure into a seamless IT fabric is the strategic goal for many CIOs. While many of the fundamental building blocks have long been available, what is missing is a unified management layer that works across different cloud environments to automate application deployment and management. Attend this new product overview session and see how Nutanix Prism provides hybrid cloud operators with a one-click management model to automate application placement into the best cloud environment – private or public – based on real-time SLAs, budgets, ownership and more.

Nutanix Prism and Application in Action

Ready to build hybrid clouds using Nutanix Prism? This new product deep dive will show you exactly how to use Prism for managing your applications across different cloud environments. Learn about application templates, operational runbooks, IT budgeting models and more. You’ll leave this session ready to put Nutanix Prism to work!

The Wonderful World of Containers and Nutanix

Containers provide application owners and IT datacenter operators with a flexible model to quickly provision and de-provision applications – without worrying about infrastructure compatibility. This advanced technology session will cover container basics, and detail how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud provides the ideal scale-out platform for running containerized apps. Two Nutanix engineering directors will guide you through the deployment of a container system on Nutanix with a live demo, and provide expert advice on how to accurately design and integrate these new platforms into your existing workflows.

Building One-click Hybrid Clouds with AWS

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud architecture already extends to AWS for cloud-based data back-up and recovery. Come see two Nutanix architects demonstrate how Nutanix is extending its support for AWS, with the ability to build a one-click hybrid cloud enabling workload mobility across different cloud environments. Leave with a firm understanding of how Nutanix technology will underpin your strategy for building cross-cloud architectures with Amazon Web Services.
Birds of a Feather Sessions

Federal Government – Lessons Learned in Enterprise Cloud and the Path Forward

Join us to review and discuss results of the newly-released Market Connections study on Enterprise Cloud in the Federal government. Then listen in on an engaging panel discussion where Federal CIOs will discuss their best practices, what technologies and products are working for them, and their experiences leveraging the latest IT solutions to complete their mission.

Government Grade Security with Nutanix

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud is operating securely in more than 200 different U.S. Federal, Defense, and Intelligence customers. Now it’s time to hear how it’s been working out for them. Join this in-depth technical session for details on Nutanix secure-by-design architecture, as well as recent developments in meeting (and in some cases, leading) federal security standards, such as FISMA, FIPS 140-2, DISA STIGs, Common Criteria and more.


Change is healthy, especially when it comes to innovating on IT strategies and technologies. Join us for a lively discussion with industry experts, tech pros and your peers on the topic of IT transformation in healthcare. This interactive panel discussion will cover a range of relevant topics such as EMR, PACS, hybrid cloud and more, and will feature a rapid-fire round to cover audience questions, fun industry trivia and prizes.

Service Providers

What are the challenges and successes service providers have been experiencing as they evolve their datacenters? Join us for a lively discussion with industry experts, tech pros and your peers on the topic of IT transformation in service providers. This interactive panel discussion will cover a range of relevant topics such as managed/hosted delivery, self-service portal, OpenStack and more, and will feature a rapid-fire round to cover audience questions, fun industry trivia and prizes.

Financial Services

FinTech is a hot topic among IT pros, and this session will be just the place to discuss and debate tech innovation in the space. Join us for a lively discussion with industry experts, tech pros and your peers on the topic of IT transformation in financial services. This interactive panel discussion will cover a range of relevant topics such as security, compliance and risk management, and will feature a rapid-fire round to cover audience questions, fun industry trivia and prizes.


Educational organizations are getting smarter about their datacenters – and this session is all about the ways they’re innovating. Join us for a lively discussion with industry experts, tech pros and your peers on the topic of IT transformation in the education space. This interactive panel discussion will cover a range of relevant topics such as mobility, virtualization, and digital and personalized learning, and will feature a rapid-fire round to cover audience questions, fun industry trivia and prizes.

Manufacturing and Retail

What technologies are organizations in manufacturing and retail implementing to propel themselves into the future? And what’s next? Join us for a lively discussion with industry experts, tech pros and your peers on the topic of IT transformation in manufacturing and retail. This interactive panel discussion will cover a range of relevant topics such as ERP, CRM, remote offices, distribution, PoS, analytics and more, and will feature a rapid-fire round to cover audience questions, fun industry trivia and prizes.

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