.NEXT Digital Experience On-Demand


During .NEXT, we got hands-on with leading-edge datacenter, hybrid, and multi-cloud technologies, and shared how you can Run Better, Run Faster, and Run Anywhere!


Opening Keynote

Join Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey as he shares his perspective on leadership imperatives, why technology matters, and the future of work. Dr. Condoleezza Rice and industry guests will discuss the future of education, healthcare, and financial services—and how technology is driving innovation and exceptional customer experiences in industries everywhere. Plus, tune in for an exciting hybrid and multi-cloud partnerships, and a crash-course in optimism from Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game. You won’t want to miss out!

Day 2 Opening Keynote

Learn how Nutanix is bringing infrastructure, applications, data, and clouds all together for a seamless hybrid and multi-cloud experience. Hear updates on next-generation hyperconvergence, the coolest advancements in datacenter, DevOps, database, desktop services, and how Nutanix has evolved to create the ideal foundation for hybrid cloud. No boring presentations here—we firmly believe seeing is believing, so get set for some exciting demos! This keynote will show you how Nutanix enables you to run better, faster, and anywhere.

Closing Keynote

Mike Rowe, best-selling author and host of Dirty Jobs, hits the virtual stage for a discussion on his long list of jobs, his role as a freelancer, and his take on innovation, disruption, grit, and heart. We'll close out .NEXT with a few surprises, so don’t blink an eye!

Plus, gain insight into security. Security tools aren’t cheap, so why is security still so complex? And why should businesses expect additional complexity when they expand their workloads to the cloud? This is even more true in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud reality. Industry experts from Nutanix and beyond crush the complexity, high costs, and unpredictability of traditional approaches to security. We’ll show you a world where security isn’t an afterthought, but instead a necessity that’s baked into everything we do.

.NEXT Keynote Special Guest - Luvvie Ajayi

Hear pearls of wisdom from this sought-after speaker, host, and correspondent, Luvvie Ajayi, who is committed to using her voice for pop culture critique and gender and racial justice. Her debut book, I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual, was released to critical acclaim and became an instant New York Times bestseller.

.NEXT Keynote Special Guest - Zach Woods

Nutanix’s very own CMO, Ben Gibson, deep dives with Zach Woods! You may have seen Zach on TV shows like The Office or Silicon Valley, but this is an exclusive conversation about how his journey led him to where he is today, childhood talents, and his exciting current projects!

.NEXT Keynote Spotlight on Lenovo & Nutanix Partnership

Nutanix's Tarkan Maner & Jeff Echols in a fireside chat with Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President and President, Data Center Group at Lenovo. Hear how the Lenovo & Nutanix partnership has enabled customers worldwide, and what’s next for our hybrid multicloud solutions direction together.

Nutanix-Azure Announcement

Buckle up! We are heading into the future of hybrid cloud! Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix CEO and Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group highlight where they introduce a new exciting partnership between Nutanix and Microsoft Azure.

Run Better

Join Nutanix executives to hear all about the latest enhancements to our core HCI software. Get a sneak peek into Nutanix’s Blockstore technology, new virtual networking capabilities and more!

Run Faster

Nutanix announced the availability of Karbon Platform Services, a Kubernetes-based multicloud Platform-as-a-Service, to accelerate the development and deployment of microservices-based apps across any cloud. Learn all about it and more in this exciting keynote segment.

Run Anywhere

Nutanix is bringing infrastructure, applications, data, and clouds all together for a seamless hybrid and multi-cloud experience. Learn how Nutanix has evolved to create the ideal hybrid cloud infrastructure for the multicloud era.

Future of Education

Education and technology walk hand in hand now more than ever. Dr. Condoleezza Rice and David Sangster, EVP of Engineering and Operations, Nutanix discuss the future of education at the .NEXT Digital Experience.

Future of Healthcare

2020 has been a roller coaster, but one thing is for certain: technology is driving innovation, especially in healthcare. Learn from industry experts as they discuss what role IT will play in the future of healthcare.

Session Tracks

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Take the complexity out of your daily operations with one-click automation.


Run your applications, cloud, and workloads on the industry's leading hyperconverged platform.


Accelerate hybrid and multicloud adoption with a single cloud platform to manage your apps and data anywhere.

Get to know a simpler approach to data storage and take the pain out of storage management.

Find out how to unlock the full potential of your data while streamlining database management.

Keep your business up and running and your data protected no matter what.

Stay several steps ahead of cyberattackers with always-on security and a security-first design.

Learn how to give your end users a consistent, reliable experience on any device and from any location.

Fast-track your digital transformation with Nutanix's cloud native solutions.

Drive successful business outcomes across industries with Nutanix solutions.