Provide advanced app-level orchestration across teams and clouds

Eliminate the complexity and repetitive nature of resource delivery via comprehensive app-centric automation from Nutanix Calm. With demands on IT rising faster than ever, Calm enables you to streamline how you manage applications and support the business.

Unlock native Nutanix automation with Calm to rapidly create and deliver applications faster than ever before.

Calm Reference Architecture

Transform Application Delivery

Automate Your App Management

Simplify the set-up and management of custom enterprise applications by incorporating all elements of each app, including relevant VMs, configurations, and related binaries, into an easy-to-use-blueprint. Then eliminate the hours and days devoted to routine application management by making the deployment and lifecycle management of common applications both automated and easily repeatable.

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Deliver One-click Self-service

Publish blueprints to an internal marketplace or add them to the growing collection of pre-integrated, validated blueprints on the Nutanix Marketplace. Your application owners and developers can then request IT services as needed. DevOps teams in particular gain the freedom to operate quickly and efficiently on their own.

Calm Dashboard

Keep Control Over Management Policies

Provide admins with role-based governance that limits user operations based on permissions. Capture all changes to the IT environment across multiple infrastructures for end-to-end traceability, chargeback, and auditing from a single, unified interface.

Easily Extend with Multicloud Management

With Calm, you're ready to automate the provisioning of multi-cloud architectures, managing both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments, from a single control plane. Calm supports all the major public clouds—AWS, Azure, and GCP—in addition to on-prem private clouds powered by AHV or ESXi.


Accelerate Business Innovation

Drive business agility by automating time-consuming IT tasks—and focus instead on innovating for the business.

Unify Your Clouds

Make multicloud app operations effortless with one-click blueprints

Respond Fast

Don’t wait on specific personnel—with the Calm Marketplace anyone can get it done

Free Your Dev Team

Enable the dev team to manage dev/test environments without IT tickets.

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