Partners Express Support for Nutanix on Cisco UCS®

Advanced Systems Group

“Clients today need access to world-class options—and combining Nutanix with Cisco UCS® servers creates the perfect hyperconverged environment. This solution offers the ultimate in performance, cloud connectivity and simple virtual management functionality that’s very much in demand by our growing hybrid cloud client base.”

John Murphy, Executive VP and Founder

Choice Solutions

“As an early pioneer with Nutanix’s simplified infrastructure platform, our team is excited about the continued growth with another major infrastructure company like Cisco® aligning with Nutanix. We believe this announcement brings further credibility and industry validation of the significant impact and business value Nutanix customers are experiencing.”

Jim Steinlage, CEO


“At Corus360 we empower our clients through people, technology, and resiliency. Our ability to provide IT organizations with world-class technology is predicated on our belief that customers should have the option to choose a platform that addresses their business needs today and the flexibility to adapt as those needs change. As a leading partner of both Nutanix and Cisco, we are excited to be able to now offer our clients the ability to run the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform on a Cisco UCS infrastructure.”

Justin Hall, Vice President of Business Development


“As an authorized Nutanix and Cisco® partner we are excited about the recent announcement where clients can now buy Nutanix hyperconverged solution and deploy it on Cisco®’s industry leading UCS platform. At the end of the day clients like choices and this gives them a choice of utilizing Nutanix software and getting the advantages of the UCS platform where in the past they would not have the option. We are excited about the opportunities this presents for us and our clients.”

Larry Gentry, CEO

Cumberland Group

“We are very excited to see a pairing of Cisco®’s UCS datacenter and SDN solutions with the market leader in hyperconverged infrastructure, Nutanix. The integration of compute, storage, and networking from these two innovators should be a game changer for Cumberland Group’s customers.”

DeMond Sullivan, Chief Solutions Architect


“This hyperconverged use of Nutanix and Cisco UCS® has run flawlessly in our integration labs and has demonstrated superb performance as we are evaluating it for processing HCL’s business applications in our own corporate data center.”

Kalyan Kumar, CTO and EVP


“Insight has a long history experiencing how Cisco® and Nutanix technology has greatly simplified and lowered the costs of IT operations for our clients. With Nutanix on Cisco UCS®, clients now have an infrastructure platform that adapts as nimbly as their business requires.”

Bob Kane, SVP Product Marketing

LPS Integration

“As an early adopter to the Cisco UCS® technology, we became a leader in the data center space for Cisco®. This makes us extremely excited about the announcement of Nutanix now being delivered on Cisco® servers. Definitely, a winning offering with the UCS hardware attributes of stability in conjunction with Nutanix’s mature, web-scale software. To have the ability to offer our customers the option to have flexibility in the server platform for their HCI solution, is extremely important and valuable to us as a partner of Cisco® and Nutanix.”

Jay Hitt, VP Technology


“For customers seeking an innovative hyperconverged platform with enterprise-class management features, Nutanix on UCS is a game changer. This solution has demonstrated impressive scalability and performance results during initial tests in our labs. The Nutanix on UCS offering, along with our industry leading Presidio Managed Cloud, enables true multi-cloud management, orchestration and provisioning across enterprise cloud infrastructures. It’s a key step in enabling our customers to realize the benefits of a multi-cloud architecture as part of their digital transformation strategy.”

Vinu Thomas, Chief Technology Officer


“Older IT technology is unable to bring a cloud-like experience that IT has come to expect. With the rock-solid foundation of Cisco UCS® servers combined with the pay-as-you-grow, scale-out simplicity enabled by the Nutanix software, IT can now bring the ease of public cloud to their own on-premises private cloud.”

Ryan Sheehan, General Manager, Advanced Solution Group

Sirius Computer Solutions

“Silos of storage, compute, virtualization and networking in data centers can severely limit an organization’s agility and alignment to business requirements. The application flexibility of Nutanix cloud software in conjunction with Cisco UCS® systems is an ideal platform for quickly deploying and scaling fast-growing workloads.”

Steve Dowling, Vice President of Infrastructure Strategy


“The requirement for more flexible infrastructure is urgent if IT is to keep up in supporting the changing needs of the business. The enterprise cloud capabilities of Nutanix used in conjunction with the highly integrated Cisco UCS® servers provides the right foundation to quickly and efficiently support these new applications.”

Sven Eichelbaum, General Manager

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