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Scaling OpenStack on Nutanix

Securely provision and manage OpenStack deployments

Integrating OpenStack technology with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers a cost-effective and secure turnkey datacenter solution that simplifies how you scale compute, storage, and networking with the fractional consumption of cluster resources.

With streamlined day-to-day services that are easier to manage for the entire organization, IT teams can focus on building and improving necessary cloud governance capabilities. Deploying OpenStack on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud reduces costs by bringing predictable, high-volume workloads in house while offloading potentially more costly, variable workloads to the public cloud.

Download this document to learn more about:

  • An architectural overview of the Acropolis OpenStack Services VM (OVM).
  • How the Acropolis OVM integration simplifies scaling OpenStack.
  • Continuous, automated protection and security remediation.
  • Monitoring, planning, and analysis with centralized OpenStack cluster management via Prism.

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