Tech Note

Nutanix Upgrades: Life Cycle Manager

Our Enterprise Cloud OS has undergone multiple, non-disruptive upgrades to secure its position as the best cloud computing platform for our customers. That's why in 2012, Enterprise Cloud became the industry leader in simplicity.

To keep the mission of simplicity a reality, we developed the second generation of one-click upgrades: Life Cycle Manager (LCM). With no-brainer upgrades, LCM expanded server firmware upgrades beyond Nutanix-branded appliances, and it's now capable of providing one-click firmware upgrades for all Nutanix appliances.

Download this tech note to find out how LCM can:

  • Enable better analysis
  • Improve workload and performance tracking
  • Eliminates the pain and complexity of legacy hypervisor upgrades
  • ...and more.

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