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Prism Central and Prism Pro

Configure, monitor, and analyze Nutanix clusters running any hypervisor

Prism Central and Prism Pro

Nutanix Prism provides a central access point for administering virtual environments in an efficient and elegant way. Powered by advanced data analytics and heuristics and rich automation, Prism offers unprecedented simplicity by combining several aspects of datacenter management into a single, consumer-grade solution. Using innovative machine learning technology, Prism can mine large volumes of system data easily and quickly and generate actionable insights for optimizing all aspects of enterprise infrastructure management.

Prism Central comes with all license levels for Nutanix clusters. Its key features include:

  • Entity explorer, giving you information about all cluster components in a simple summary.
  • Entity tagging, allowing you to tag VMs with one or more custom labels.
  • Alerts, which can be informational, warning, or critical, plus customizable alert policies.
  • Task tracking, capturing recent actions and relating them to the current system status.
  • Root cause analysis, offering a summary of probable causes and likely resolutions for each alert.
  • Analysis, adding the ability to report on all managed clusters.
  • User management and account authentication options.

Prism Pro is a set of additional features that are unlocked when licensed. These features include capacity planning, custom dashboards, and advanced search capabilities.

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