Edge Computing for UAVs, UASs, and Drones


Edge Computing for UAVs, UASs, and Drones

As applications, data, and services migrate to the extreme edges of a network, data aggregation and deep analytics can occur right at the ingestion site, allowing for real-time data processing while reducing the need to send large, sequential, and unstructured data streams over telecommunication networks.

The solutions in this document use Nutanix web-scale engineering to convert unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), systems (UASs), or drones into a platform that harnesses edge computing to deliver greater business value. With the flexibility that virtualization offers, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud empowers organizations to dynamically provision native Windows and Linux x86 applications directly to a UAV, UAS, or drone while providing USB extensibility and software-defined storage and network capabilities to increase availability, recoverability, security, and performance.

Download this technical note to read more about:

  • How intelligent edge computing fits in the evolution of the computing paradigm, from the mainframe to the Internet of things and beyond.
  • Integrating enterprise systems with UAVs, UASs, and drones.
  • The design and implementation of the Acropolis One project.
  • Example deployment and data replication scenarios.

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