Nutanix Acropolis

Modernize your Datacenter

Traditional infrastructure is complex, requires specialized teams, and takes disproportionate amounts of time and effort to procure, deploy and manage. Tedious processes distracts your IT from delivering what businesses need.

Nutanix combines compute, storage and virtualization into a hyperconverged solution that delivers agile infrastructure. Eliminate storage silos, expensive virtualization technology, and dedicated management. Achieve operational agility while retaining your ability to choose your hardware and virtualization technology.

Nutanix Acropolis

Leverage Built-In Virtualization

Hypervisor software is expensive and requires specialized skills for day-to-day management.

Nutanix AHV is an enterprise-class virtualization solution that is included with no additional software components to license, install or manage. Starting with proven open- source KVM virtualization technology, AHV combines an enhanced data path for optimal performance, security hardening, network virtualization, and complete management features to deliver a powerful, yet leaner, virtualization stack with no software bloat, no costly shelfware, and lower virtualization costs.

Nutanix AHV
Nutanix AHV
Nutanix Prism

Simplify Management to 1-Click

IT teams are forced to use a disparate set of management tools across compute, storage, networking and virtualization. This leads to poor insights and tedious processes.

Nutanix Prism is an end-to-end management solution for virtualized datacenter environments that streamlines and automates common workflows, eliminating the need for multiple management solutions across datacenter operations. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism analyzes system data to generate actionable insights for optimizing virtualization and infrastructure management.

Nutanix Prism

Nutanix University: Security and Governance

In this course, you’ll learn how our security capabilities work with Nutanix HCI to create a powerful security and governance solution.

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Essential Security Considerations for Building your Private Cloud

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