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How Healthcare Organisations Can Achieve Operational Efficiencies

Achieving Operational Efficiencies For Healthcare Organizations

The Nutanix cloud platform replaces the complexity of legacy infrastructure and delivers the benefits of public cloud offerings minus the associated security and compliance risks.

In a landscape in which healthcare costs are rising and healthcare organisations are increasingly hard-pressed to deliver value and convenience for patients, innovation (both technical and non-technical) can be an avenue for healthcare organisations to meet the needs of their patients/consumers. However, the need to innovate also places enormous pressures on CIOs and IT staff as they have to both address these needs, as well as ‘keep the lights on’ to deliver on daily operating requirements. 

This paper explains how Nutanix enables healthcare organisations to transform their static and complex IT environments into more dynamic and easily managed datacenters, bringing a cloud-like experience to IT. This paper presents several ways that healthcare organizations can achieve operational efficiencies with Nutanix.

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