Virtualize Student Applications and Look to the Future

By Rachna Srivastava

At Nutanix, we love our customers. They are the reason why we innovate and strive to achieve and continuously improve customer satisfaction. We feel extremely proud and honored when our customers tell us how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution truly helped simplify and streamline their operations. I wanted to share one such story of a K-12 school district with over 5,000 students and 300 teachers, who was relying on a collection of aging servers for student, faculty, and staff applications.

The school district was reaching 10 years on some of their oldest infrastructure due to budget constraints. They were facing drive failures and were spending far too much time managing and troubleshooting their environment.

Choosing Nutanix

They finally decided to virtualize their IT environment with Nutanix, after considering two traditional SAN solutions and the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud solution.

When we asked, what influenced their decision to go with Nutanix, they said it was a stellar reference given by another school district. The decision to purchase was also influenced by price, particularly in the long run after considering infrastructure upgrade costs with the other options. Nutanix gave them the most ‘bang for the buck’. The implementation was the smoothest they have seen and the solution worked right out of the box. They also engaged a Nutanix Services consultant to help with the implementation, which was a pain-free experience for them.

Virtualizing All Workloads with Faster Performance

The school district has now virtualized the majority of its IT environment, including its Oracle-based Power School grading system, antivirus server, and file share server. They plan to build the new environment from the ground up and then migrate it over to Nutanix.

With Nutanix, the school district achieved a major reduction in their data center footprint and no longer faced power and cooling problems. They experienced an increase in application performance, and end users enjoyed faster download times on instructional videos and uploads take just 1/10th of the time of the previous system.

Our customer is benefitting from Nutanix Prism’s easy to use and pro-active management interface. Nutanix proactively monitors their environment and notifies them of any issues via email that need immediate attention or can potentially become a problem later.

Excellent Nutanix Support

As a small IT shop, our customers wear a lot of different hats, and an important deciding criteria for them was access to excellent technical support. With world-class support from us, our customer gets immediate assistance. In fact, they seamlessly migrated file servers to another Nutanix node in the middle of the day without anyone noticing with the help of our technical support.

Leveraging Nutanix Educational Services

Nutanix delivers innovative education services that enable customers to extract the maximum value out of their Nutanix solutions. The course curriculum includes a comprehensive range of learning activities that encompass core product training, extending out to application workloads, and ultimately the full scope of web-scale IT. The Nutanix Administration Course was a great fit for our customer’s IT environment, and they were able to hit the ground running.

Planning for the Future

Besides running MS Exchange, the school district is moving their payroll and accounting systems to Nutanix. They are also looking at hypervisor alternatives and are considering moving to AHV.

At Nutanix, nothing gives us more joy than customer delight and delivering value. We consider a job well done if we can shift our customer’s focus from managing infrastructure to their core business.

Want to Learn More?

Come join us at the Nutanix .NEXT user conference in June 2016 in Las Vegas and learn how Nutanix education sector customers have uncovered a wide range of efficiencies and productivity gains for workloads such as enterprise applications and databases, VDI, collaboration applications, and big data. Our robust customer panel will cover topics ranging from building a business case to operational benefits of Enterprise Clouds and infrastructure best practices.

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