VMware NSX for vSphere

VMware NSX for vSphere and the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform combine to make the software-defined datacenter a reality.

Deploying VMware NSX for vSphere on Nutanix lets administrators design powerful, scalable, and agile solutions without being limited by traditional physical storage and networking constraints. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers invisible compute and storage infrastructure, while NSX encapsulates the virtual network, allowing you to configure the environment to suit your enterprise needs.

VMware NSX on Nutanix provides logical separation from the storage infrastructure, isolated virtual networks that can span physical networks, hypervisor-level security policies that follow ever-moving virtual machines, and true workflow automation.

This document includes:

  • How to achieve VM mobility alongside consistent network addressing and security.
  • Best practices for integrating VMware NSX and Nutanix.
  • Validation of two crucial deployment scenarios.