The Definitive Guide to
Oracle Database Deployment on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Oracle databases play a vital role across the enterprise, as they combine with business software from Oracle and other leading companies for financials, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, and more. As a result, Oracle databases demand an infrastructure that generates uncompromised performance, availability, and scalability. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud delivers all of these through a hyperconverged architecture that is self-healing and flash accelerated, drawing on data locality for superior performance without continual tuning. The Nutanix management interface provides one-click simplicity alongside automation and orchestration to keep database admins focused on getting the most out of their Oracle investment, rather than low-value maintenance tasks.

Download this guide for a concise and straightforward introduction to the essentials of running Oracle on Nutanix, while also learning about the many advantages of this solution, including:

  • Simplified database provisioning, deployment, and management
  • Unmatched performance and availability
  • Up to 90% faster completion times for Oracle DB processes
  • Reduced Oracle licensing fees