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VDI has emerged as a central enabling technology in healthcare as organizations grapple with transformed working conditions due to the pandemic. Citrix provides healthcare workers around the world seamless access to their apps and desktops, while Nutanix provides the simple, robust, secure and resilient infrastructure organizations require to deliver an excellent user experience.

Many organizations are still seeking straight answers about the risks and rewards of this approach, as well as practical advice on how to get started. Is a Citrix on Nutanix solution more or less secure than traditional desktops? Is it more or less expensive?

Join this webinar to get answers to your questions about running Citrix on Nutanix and learn how you can provide an excellent experience both for healthcare IT end users and administrators.

This webinar will cover:

  • What you should look for in an EUC offering and how to start onboarding
  • How to enable application self service for your customers while maintaining sufficient control
  • The myriad of building blocks encompassing multiple vendors, protocols, and requirements the deployment of EUC resources contains in healthcare
  • Deploying a scalable virtual desktop environment that is more performant, reliable, and simple to manage than traditional 3-tier environment
  • How Nutanix combines the compute, storage, and network resources at your existing organization