Tech Note:
Plexxi Networking with Nutanix

Configuring a scalable hyperconverged network

Plexxi offers a cost-effective, simplified, and dynamic network fabric designed to work seamlessly with the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Like linearly scaling compute and storage resources (performance and capacity) when adding hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) nodes to a cluster, connecting more Plexxi HCN appliances empowers your system for manageability, scalability, and excellent performance.

Once you have scaled your environment, Plexxi HCN technology can also help you manage it. Nutanix Prism, which integrates with Plexxi, provides advanced visualizations of both the virtual and physical network environments, giving administrators advanced troubleshooting capabilities. By reducing manual configuration of multiple switches, Plexxi Connect management appliances help ensure consistent configuration across your entire system, delivering a unified network architecture with lower opex.

Download this free publication for:

  • An overview of the core components of Plexxi HCNs: Plexxi Switch, Plexxi Control, and Plexxi Connect.
  • A discussion of the benefits of simplified datacenter cabling, automated network provisioning, and intelligent routing for network traffic.
  • Guidance on incorporating a passive optical patch panel into your scale-out network design.
  • Sample networking designs for small, medium, and large deployments.
  • Detailed coverage of Plexxi Switch 2e and Plexxi Switch 3eq.