Oracle Snapshots with Nutanix Protection Domains

Oracle Snapshots with Nutanix Protection Domains

Protect your databases with Nutanix snapshots

The ability to set up Nutanix protection domains for Oracle backups extends the benefits of Nutanix web-scale engineering to both physical and virtualized instances of Oracle databases. These benefits include low-latency storage performance, linear scalability, high availability, and simplified management.

This document provides a detailed walkthrough of both setting up a Nutanix protection domain and creating snapshots of that protection domain in an Oracle environment running on the native Nutanix hypervisor, AHV. Moving beyond simple backups, DBAs and infrastructure administrators can also use these snapshots to clone a database, accelerating time to production with improved development and test cycles.

Download this document to learn more about:

  • Nutanix high availability and data redundancy, allowing the Oracle database and supporting applications to stay up and running even if the underlying hardware has issues.
  • Simplified management, without having to deal with storage-related management tasks such as multipathing, zoning, and masking.
  • Support for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) without any caveats or restrictions.
  • Using protection domains for application refreshes.

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