Cisco USC C-Series | Best Practices

Best Practices Guide:
Commvault with Nutanix and vSphere

Practical guidance to enhance your data protection and disaster recovery strategies

Commvault’s distributed and scale-out design strongly complements the web-scale Nutanix solution and its data locality technology to provide network-efficient backups to meet recovery requirements.

Using Commvault’s Network Block Device (NBD) backup mode and Nutanix 10 Gb NICs enables customers to back up large-scale Nutanix deployments easily with the most reliable transport method available today. The framework is flexible enough that you can choose between using either virtual or physical Commvault servers, depending on your particular requirements and available hardware.

The high-level best practices in this document address the following topics:

  • An overview of Commvault components and backup technologies.
  • Commvault sizing guidelines, minimum configuration requirements, and networking strategies.
  • Multiple deployment options for the backup repository, including a secondary Nutanix cluster, existing physical servers, NAS, or dedicated backup appliances.
  • Recommendations for setting up both a 100 percent virtualized Commvault solution and a physical Commvault topology on Nutanix.
  • Comprehensive information about the two backup methods available to this solution, streaming and IntelliSnap, as well as synthetic full backups.