Nutanix All-Flash NX-8150 50,000 Mailbox ESRP Report

Resilient and scalable Microsoft Exchange on AHV

Microsoft has approved the latest Exchange Storage Review Program (ESRP)-Storage submission from Nutanix for a unique and innovative solution with a 50,000-user deployment of MS Exchange on an all-flash Nutanix NX-8150 platform running the next generation hypervisor, AHV.

This submission represents the first all-flash ESRP solution for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), complementing the existing hybrid Nutanix ESRP solutions for 24,000 mailboxes on Hyper-V and 30,000 mailboxes on AHV. The solution uses multiple Exchange VMs per node to improve performance, resilience, and scalability of the solution in addition to saving rack space, power, and cooling, all of which helps reduce CapEx.

The MS Exchange Server role requirements calculator (Version 8.5) details the exact real-world solution design and allows customers to understand specifically what the solution delivers. Nutanix tested the solution for performance and validated it with N-1 nodes to simulate performance in the event a node had failed and was not replaced, thereby better representing real-world performance for customers.

This Nutanix solution supports 1 GB mailboxes without any assumed data reduction from compression, deduplication, or erasure coding (EC-X), so customers know that they can really get the outcome they expect. When they then add inline compression and EC-X as recommended for production deployments, they can see significant performance and capacity improvements.

This document describes the results from testing a 50,000-mailbox Exchange Server 2013 mailbox resiliency database availability group (DAG) with two database copies running on two Nutanix AHV-powered and hyperconverged five-node NX-8150-G5 all-flash clusters. The performance results outlined in this paper are from testing a single Nutanix cluster at the primary site. See the Test Results Summary section in the ESRP report for more information.