Leveraging Modern Data Center Technologies to Boost EHR Performance

With the widespread digitization of patient health records, traditional paper and film-based records have been replaced with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Whether your organization is a large clinical practice with multiple locations, a single facility hospital, or an accountable care organization, EHR solutions can help you streamline workflows and improve your ability to care for patients. But to make the most of today’s innovative EHR offerings, IT teams often resort to piecing together custom infrastructure solutions using separate servers and storage in order to deal with the need for improved application performance. All this is coupled with increased complexity and large volumes of information that must be stored and managed. Unfortunately this siloed approach is sub optimal, very complex and time consuming.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Improving patient outcomes while doing more with existing IT resources
  • Shortening upgrade maintenance processes for essential healthcare applications to ensure performance and availability of patient services
  • Using a single hyperconverged solution to minimize multi-vendor contact and enable staff to work more efficiently and collaborate better
  • Scaling a solution that can adapt to support changing needs, such as cloud-based disaster recovery