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Hybrid Clouds with Nutanix Cloud Connect

Build a hybrid cloud on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

With Nutanix Cloud Connect, IT administrators can back up and recover their virtual disks and VMs as if the cloud were a remote site that they own. All management functions are located centrally, in Nutanix Prism, so customers can tune their backup schedules and retention periods to suit their own workloads and the associated SLAs with dramatically reduced management clutter.

Because there are no hardware dependencies, the Nutanix operating system can run in AWS to provide the same look and feel as your private datacenter.

Download this tech note to learn more about:

  • Nutanix Cloud Connect architecture.
  • Technical integration between Cloud Connect and public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Cloud options and best practices.
  • Sample scenarios for public cloud storage costs.