Gartner Report:
Making Your Datacenter More Agile with Next-Gen HCIS

The Shift from Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Hybrid Cloud

Hyperconvergence is evolving from its beginnings as an easy-to-manage model for reducing complexity and scaling out on-premise datacenters. IT teams now also require the flexibility of cloud computing for greater agility. As a result, these teams are revisiting their strategies and goals intended for hyperconvergence, and expanding their evaluations to assess hybrid cloud environments.

This Gartner report explores the shift, and addresses how you can revise your HCIS strategy to move from a static model to a dynamic, as-a-service model, enabling businesses to respond instantly to new market demands and competition.

You’ll learn:

  • Reasons why businesses are shifting from HCIS to hybrid cloud thinking
  • Recommendations for I&O leaders as they examine next-generation infrastructure options
  • HCIS traits that will emerge through 2025