Docker Containers Platform on Nutanix AHV

Nutanix supports Docker rapid application container build-run-deploy paradigm with a single virtualization platform.

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The Nutanix architecture moves beyond legacy three-tier virtualization infrastructures by using automatic scaling as well as pooling and tiering locally attached storage. Nutanix allows you to provision virtual machines (VMs) that can run a Docker Engine immediately after startup. Rightsized, virtualized environments like those built on the invisible Nutanix infrastructure dispense with the need to manage oversized, individual white-box server estates. Hosting containers in VMs on Nutanix allows container migration, persistent storage for containers using the Nutanix Docker Volume driver, and network and security configuration. Our distributed storage handles mixed-workload environments that include both legacy apps (such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server) and modern containerized applications. Nutanix also ensures data colocation for VMs hosting containers and continual service for those containers from the most performant SSD-backed storage tiers.

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