Docker Containers with AHV | Best Practices

Best Practices Guide:
Docker Containers on AHV

Quick-start guide to implementing the Docker container stack on Nutanix AHV

Nutanix offers a single, easily managed virtualization environment built for uncompromising simplicity and elastic scale to support Docker’s rapid application container “build, run, and deploy” paradigm.

Docker packages applications and their dependencies into flexible and highly portable virtual containers. Hosting Docker containers in virtual machines (VMs) on a Nutanix system allows for container migration, persistent storage for both containers and local registries, and streamlined network and security configuration.

The Nutanix Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF) effortlessly handles mixed-workload environments that include both legacy apps and containerized applications. The DSF also ensures data colocation for VMs hosting containers and continual service for those containers from the most performant SSD-backed storage tiers.

On Nutanix, you can manage DevOps-style workflows and the "provision-manage-retire" cycles required across any deployment scenario either programmatically via a REST API or with Acropolis Prism, an intuitive, browser-based GUI. Prism provides rich analytics to allow full stack monitoring and alerting; single-click, no-downtime upgrades of the Nutanix appliance software (Acropolis); VM-centric snapshot and backup; and technologies that facilitate the transfer between hybrid cloud infrastructures.

The Docker on Nutanix solution supports rapid deployment and scale out, making it an ideal platform for any distributed or microservices architecture, from initial development and QA through production.

Download this best practices guide to learn more about running Docker on Nutanix, including:

  • The benefits of combining Nutanix AHV with Docker container technologies.
  • Detailed guidance for installing Docker on AHV.
  • Important considerations for managing Docker storage configuration.
  • Automating application builds for stateless and persistent applications.