How Nutanix and VSAN EVO: RAIL differ on management and your designs
Nutanix operates in the user space while Virtual SAN (which includes EVO:RAIL, of course) is embedded in the hypervisor kernel. Each design offers unique challenges and choices when designing, deploying and managing hyperconverged systems. Design VSAN is directly plumbed into the compute cluster. The storage available for the virtual machines running on VSAN hosts is &hell...
Prism Element and Prism Central Walkthrough
A brief overview of the Nutanix UI and multi-cluster management. Take a look at one of the Nutanix internal engineering clusters used for quality assurance and load testing. Over 28 nodes of different sizes and product families acting as one giant cluster.
Nutanix High Availability and Continuity – Impact on Ops
One of the added benefits of scale-out storage is the addition of multiple storage controllers. When you have more than 2 storage controllers and you lose one due to failure or maintenance like a rolling upgrade, you can do so with minimal impact. Below are the results of 8-node cluster with 700 desktops running a … Continued
Best Ways to Engage with the Community at VMworld SF ’14
Are you looking for a chance to kick back and join the community conversation at VMworld, but there’s so much happening that it’s hard to streamline your schedule and maximize your fun? In addition to the sessions that stand out to you and the vendor booths that you want to visit, here’s a snapshot of … Continued
Nutanix Arrives as a Mainstream Datacenter Player
Gunnar Berger, Citrix CTO Desktop & Applications Group, tweeted yesterday in response to Nutanix’s announcement that it hit a $200M annual run rate. In his typical witty way, he lamented how quickly companies grow up. While becoming a grown-up company is important, achieving a $200M annual run rate combined with several other events of the … Continued
Web-Scale IT: Who Knows the Most? The Results are in at Nutanix
As you may know, we held a worldwide contest for the top score on the Web-Scale IQ Quiz from June 24th through last Friday, July 18th at 10pm PT. Hundreds of contestants competed for bragging rights on being the top expert on Web-Scale IT, plus a Geek Crate (see below), but there can be only one winner… The rules … Continued
How Going Web-Scale is Opening up New Opportunities
This is a guest blog by Nutanix customer, Robert Mehrer from Protected Trust. Protected Trust is a service provider that offers a variety of services ranging from secure email and collaborations to secure private cloud offerings. Our goal is to help secure and manage the risk of digital assets and private communications for our customers. … Continued
Making Web-Scale Waves at VMworld 2014
Nutanix is excited to announce we are a Gold sponsor at VMworld 2014 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Aug 24-28! This year’s VMworld theme of “No Limits” couldn’t have provided a better stage for us to highlight how Nutanix is bringing the scalable and agile technologies and datacenter architectures used by companies such … Continued
What’s your Web-Scale IQ? Take the Quiz & You Could Win!
So… how much do YOU know about Web-Scale? The Web-Scale IQ Quiz has been getting fantastic traction, so we’ve decided to award the person with the best score from the day we launched the quiz through the end of this week on Friday, July 18th at 10pm PT. What’s the prize, you ask? Bragging rights … Continued
Bursting with Pride – The Nutanix and BEarena Partnership
A few recent events have driven me to start a blog. BEarena is growing, increasingly my time is spent planning the next move of the Company, analysing industry trends, preparing us for the next quantum leap. The tools that have served me so well in my technical career were hung up long ago now, and … Continued