Citrix Embraces Converged Infrastructure
Today, Citrix announced a new Citrix Ready program focusing on converged infrastructure solutions that will lower the cost of XenDesktop and XenApp deployments. This is great news for customers who are seeking ways to improve the economics of virtualized apps and desktops – and also need to ensure predictable scalability as the business grows. The Nutanix … Conti...
Hands Down the Ultimate VDI – Part 2
Earlier this week in my article Hands Down the Ultimate VDI/DaaS platform – Persistent Desktops I described how Nutanix help organizations to achieve higher performance, maximum capacity and better end-user experience for VDI deployments. This previous article was mostly focused on Persistent Desktops. I would like now to highlight some of the features implemented in e...
Hands down the best infrastructure platform for VDI
A while back I wrote an article entitled “Open letter to non-persistent VDI fanboys…”. In the article I provided reasons to why persistent VDI makes more sense nowadays for the large majority of use cases. A number of community members have chimed in, and that culminated into a live debate during VMworld 2013 that was … Continued
Chasing Datacenter Efficiency
In recent times a lot has been deliberated on Convergence and Hyperconverged infrastructure topics, but these topics are not new for large-scale web companies. Years ago large-scale web companies started to face pressure from business to deliver better service agility at lower costs. However, Tech Ops and IT departments were always entrenched into complex system … C...
Bringing Web-scale Infrastructure to Hyper-V Environments
The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance. The platform delivers web-scale  performance, scalability, and data management to VMware ESXi and KVM based virtualized systems. Nutanix, with the recent NOS 3.5.2 release, now brings these bene...
Data Locality – SQL & VDI On The Same Nutanix Cluster
Data Locality is the ability to keep compute and storage close together. The amount of data for the big guys that is being ingested into their storage environments is increasing at a ridiculous rate. Facebook has over 350 millions photos day being uploaded into clusters across the world. Once the photos are loaded, they need … Continued
Another day, another app: Nutanix platform now delivers graphics rich virtual desktops
Most people, at least those with mobile phones, understand that Apple reinvented the way we interact with technology.  They created a revolutionary platform that accommodates an unbelievable spectrum of apps. Even today, more than 930 new apps are created every day, yet the platform remains relatively unchanged.  This is an incredible feat and Apple’s success … ...
Why Nutanix is a Great Fit for US Public Sector
Nutanix – Supporting the Federal Mission From Day 1 Nutanix has enjoyed extraordinary success in the Public Sector for a company at our stage and a dinner conversation at Citrix Synergy got me thinking, “Why is this?” Unfortunately, there was a light federal presence at Synergy, and due to Sequestration and government travel restrictions this … Continued
Dispelling the VDI Appliance Myth
This post came about through a few discussions on Twitter and encounters in the field, and before I knew it I had volunteered to write a post for the Nutanix Blog. Now my experiences tend to be slanted towards VDI since I’m often brought in to tell war stories of building large VDI environments with … Continued
Nutanix Complete Cluster Certified on VMware's Rapid Desktop Program
VDI is a very hot topic at the moment, with many enterprises and other organizations talking about this technology and deciding whether or not it would be a fit for their organization. In the long run VDI can introduce a great cost savings, provide better manageability, standardizing security, etc. However, the overhead involved in designing, planning and … Contin...