Prism Element and Prism Central Walkthrough
A brief overview of the Nutanix UI and multi-cluster management. Take a look at one of the Nutanix internal engineering clusters used for quality assurance and load testing. Over 28 nodes of different sizes and product families acting as one giant cluster.
Nutanix High Availability and Continuity – Impact on Ops
One of the added benefits of scale-out storage is the addition of multiple storage controllers. When you have more than 2 storage controllers and you lose one due to failure or maintenance like a rolling upgrade, you can do so with minimal impact. Below are the results of 8-node cluster with 700 desktops running a … Continued
Best Ways to Engage with the Community at VMworld SF ’14
Are you looking for a chance to kick back and join the community conversation at VMworld, but there’s so much happening that it’s hard to streamline your schedule and maximize your fun? In addition to the sessions that stand out to you and the vendor booths that you want to visit, here’s a snapshot of … Continued
Pay-As-You-Grow with Nutanix and VMware Horizon 6
As an end user of VMware End User Computing (EUC) products since 2008 when the product was called Virtual Desktop Manager 2.1, it’s been a great journey to see how VMware Horizon 6 with View has morphed into a full fledge application delivery platform. The latest version of Horizon offering the ability to deliver virtual … Continued
Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix
During Citrix Synergy 2014, Nutanix unveiled the preview of a Citrix Validated Solution for Nutanix. The reference architecture offering a dense 1,000 virtual desktops along with the Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure in 6 rack-mount units, generated a lot of interest from attendees and press alike. Today we formally announced the CVS for Nutanix over the PR … Continu...
How Nutanix Interacts with the Management Layer
Web-scale architectures are rapidly making their way into the core of enterprise datacenters. This shift is being driven by Nutanix. One of the keys to web-scale is the idea of a shared-nothing architecture. This means that there can be no single point of failure, no bottlenecks anywhere in the system, and scalability with no fixed … Continued
Confessions from Nutanix's first customer
About 4 years ago, I worked for a small integrator and was tasked with designing a VDI infrastructure solution for 1,000 desktops. In those days, this was still a fairly large VDI solution. Although I was a seasoned virtual infrastructure engineer, had never done a desktop solution of that size. A couple of my peers … Continued