VDI Series: Part 2 – Addressing Performance
At VMworld back in August, Nutanix was honored with TechTarget’s Best of VMworld – Desktop Virtualization award. With the show being our first public appearance after launching just two weeks prior, this honor surprised many people in the desktop virtualization and general virtualization community.   In this post (continuing our VDI series), I would like to &...
The Dinosaurs Are Dying
Having spent almost a decade in IBM research inventing bleeding-edge technologies for storage systems, and proudly making them the biggest and baddest creatures in the storage-land, I now feel that the beginning of the end for SAN-like storage systems is hurtling towards us. The last few of the T. rex might be the most vicious … Continued
Breaking the Addiction to Storage
Shrinking server infrastructure to a fraction of its original size has been universally hailed as the biggest infrastructure advancement in the last decade. Having been a  VMware field systems engineer for half a decade ,  I had the privilege of ushering hundreds of organizations into the world of server consolidation and datacenter optimization. But this wasn’t ...
Virtualization – Winds of Change in the Datacenter
Change is the only constant in this world, is a cliche that we’ve all heard. But boy, has that been true for enterprise data centers over the last 5 years! x86-based virtualization has turned things upside down on how IT is done. What hasn’t changed? From Intel’s silicon to Cisco’s switches to the titles of … Continued