How Going Web-Scale is Opening up New Opportunities
This is a guest blog by Nutanix customer, Robert Mehrer from Protected Trust. Protected Trust is a service provider that offers a variety of services ranging from secure email and collaborations to secure private cloud offerings. Our goal is to help secure and manage the risk of digital assets and private communications for our customers. … Continued
What’s your Web-Scale IQ? Take the Quiz & You Could Win!
So… how much do YOU know about Web-Scale? The Web-Scale IQ Quiz has been getting fantastic traction, so we’ve decided to award the person with the best score from the day we launched the quiz through the end of this week on Friday, July 18th at 10pm PT. What’s the prize, you ask? Bragging rights … Continued
Nutanix Blows Away Industry Net Promoter Scores
No matter how disruptive a new technology may be, if the manufacturer doesn’t provide adequate support, the company isn’t going anywhere. Nutanix strives to back our innovative web-scale IT infrastructure with world-class customer support. The efforts have paid off as Nutanix recently received both a NorthFace ScoreBoard Award with a Net Promoter Score that is …...
Introducing Nutanix Next – A Community Passionate About Reinventing Enterprise Datacenters
Today, with great excitement, we are launching a new online community – Nutanix Next.  This online community is open to anyone who is passionate about enterprise datacenters and cloud initiatives.  As a company, Nutanix has always held strong conviction about the importance of establishing and building a vibrant community.  All of the iconic enterprise technology &hel...