Reference Architecture:

Hortonworks on Nutanix

Easily scale your Hadoop deployment

The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) on Nutanix solution provides a single high-density platform for Hadoop, VM hosting, and application delivery. With this modular, pod-based approach, HDFS can run natively on Nutanix, reducing the overhead associated with traditional Hadoop deployments.

Nutanix provides all the benefits of virtualization without the pitfalls of shared storage, such as the complexity of managing a separate data fabric and the introduction of bottlenecks and silos as your environment grows. As you scale from dozens to thousands of nodes with Nutanix, you can enjoy enterprise quality with a consumer-grade look and feel through the Prism UI's one-click management capabilities.

In this reference architecture, we cover the following subject areas:

  • Overview of the Nutanix solution for delivering HDP on AHV and ESXi.
  • Benefits of running Hadoop on Nutanix.
  • Architecting a complete Hadoop solution on the Nutanix platform.
  • Sizing guidance for scaling Hadoop deployments on Nutanix.
  • Design and configuration considerations when architecting Hadoop on AHV, ESXi, and the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF).
  • Benchmarking Hadoop performance on Nutanix.

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