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Tim Isaacs

Erasure Coding-X (EC-X): Predictably Increase Usable Storage Capacity

Now that the dust has settled from our inaugural .NEXT user conference, its time to go into the details of a technology that we briefly discussed called Erasure Coding–X (EC-X). Customers can now deploy EC-X in non-production environments by upgrading to Nutanix Operating System

Nutanix Simplicity reaches Microsoft System Center

We recently wrote a set of blogs about our integration with Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V and the Microsoft ecosystem. The first post detailed our integration with Hyper-V and the strategic value of our partnership with Microsoft.

Metro Availabilty For Application Downtime | Nutanix

Metro Availability handles failures so applications and end users stay online with no downtime, regardless of the failure: component, server, rack or site.