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Riyaz Mohiyuddeen

AWS Transit Gateway: What it is, benefits, and limitations

Among the announcements, AWS re:Invent 2018 attendees are buzzing about is the AWS Transit Gateway designed to simplify network management. IT fraternity seems to love the number 1 (one click, one view), and this new tool continues that theme, merging cloud resources and on-prem datacenters into one network topology.

Everything You Need to Know About AWS Firecracker

The world has come a long way from maintaining hardware in a big room full of servers to running CPU and memory-intensive applications in just one click. One of the main purposes of this transition is to enable developers and system engineers to concentrate more on applications and programs rather than maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

AWS Announces S3 Intelligent Tiering, What is it Really?

Amazon Simple Storage Service, better known as AWS S3, is one of the oldest and most widely used solutions from Amazon Web Services. S3 is designed to store terabytes of customer data with high availability and scale.

28 Actions You Can Take to Manage Cloud Costs

With the cloud becoming the new normal, and organizations moving toward digital business initiatives, the dynamics of IT have completely changed.

In the Multi-Cloud Era, Cloud Cost Optimization is an Engineering Problem

A key technology trend we’ve seen recently in enterprise organizations is the increasing adoption of multiple cloud environments — combining on-premises private clouds and public cloud services.