Dheeraj Pandey

Founder, CEO & Chairman

Dheeraj is the Founder, CEO & Chairman of Nutanix. He brings a wealth of experience of working at high growth enterprise software companies. Prior to founding Nutanix, Dheeraj was the VP of Engineering at Aster Data (now Teradata), where he helped build the product and its engineering team from the ground up. At Oracle, he managed the storage engine group for Oracle Database/Exadata, and co-authored numerous patents in the area of distributed databases. Dheeraj’s entrepreneurial spirit has been recognized with a number of prestigious awards including Dell’s Founders 50 and the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, Silicon Valley. Dheeraj is a Ph.D. dropout from University of Texas (Austin), where he was a Graduate Fellow of CS. He holds a BS in CS from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Kanpur), where he was adjudged the “Best All-Rounder Student Among All Graduating Students in All Disciplines” and bestowed with the Distinguished Alumnus Award. Dheeraj is also on the Board of Directors at Adobe Inc. (NASDAQ: ADBE).

Stop being a bully, VMware!

As I write this blog on the eve of MLK Jr. Day, I am reminded of respect, fairness, and dignity, and how an absence of fundamental human values engenders movements.

Nutanix CEO Letter to Stockholders

This September, we completed two years as a public company and nine years since we were founded in 2009.

The Nutanix Customer Journey: A Perspective from .NEXT, EMEA

As we head into .NEXT London tomorrow, I’ve found myself taking a step back to reflect on how far we have come as a company since we were founded nine years ago.

A Note From Dheeraj

As we come to a FY18 financial year close, I wanted to share an update with you regarding our President, Sudheesh Nair. Many of you might remember that nine months ago, he handed over the reins of the Sales organization to Lou Attanasio, our Chief Revenue Officer.

The Software Path

In our Q1 FY18 earnings call, we formally announced that we would thoughtfully adopt a software-centric approach to our go-to-market and financial reporting.

NTNX: Disrupt. Reinvent. Repeat.

There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

Back to Basics

I was just thinking how young a company we still are. Nutanix was incorporated in Delaware on September 22nd, 2009. It took us another four months to

Believers, Fence-sitters, and Naysayers

The Burden of Responsibility As we unveil our 2nd annual user conference, .NEXT Vegas (Jun 20-22), I wanted to share the why behind the event.

Nutanix Community Edition: Because Xiaomi

There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

Building Things That People Like: An Encore

Exactly 4 years ago to this day, I wrote a blog called “Building things that people like”. That blog was about portability, about customer choice, about a contrarian view that professed building apps and platforms that were not tightly coupled with each other

The baton is passing

There’s no question that enterprise application usability has for the most part been left behind.

SDS for the Masses: Why Dell Matters

Technology companies are faced with different chasms at various phases of their growth. How deeply secure or insecure they are about crossing those chasms defines their future. How they value ubiquity and distribution separates the niche players from the category creators. I’d take the example of two companies to illustrate the point.

We Are Officially Open for Business

It's official! We are open for business, after spending many tireless moments building this product and bringing it to market.