Nutanix Clusters

Unify Your Private Clouds and AWS

Nutanix Clusters delivers the industry’s first cloud platform with the flexibility, simplicity, and cost efficiency needed to manage applications and infrastructure in private and public clouds like AWS, operated as a single cloud.

Use Cases

On-demand Elasticity

Rapidly scale capacity for your workloads by utilizing public cloud burstability. Avoid the often extensive delays in procuring additional capacity for your datacenter by bursting into public cloud while maintaining centralized control with a unified infrastructure management console. Improve developer productivity by setting up a composable environment for dev/test workloads.

Lift and Shift

Speed up your digital initiatives with easy lift-and-shift across private and multiple public clouds. Save the trouble of tedious retooling or refactoring by easily migrating any application or workload with absolutely no code changes needed. Your VMs, files, data, and more, can be moved across clouds without any changes giving you the flexibility to run applications in the cloud of your choice.

Business Continuity

Use a public cloud region as a secondary backup site and replicate your on-premises entities that need to be protected through our unified management plane. Use existing tools available within the Nutanix stack without adding more complexity arising from stand-alone DR solutions. Create high availability policies for on-premises data and applications by using public cloud to provide additional resources.

Cloud-native Integration

Use cloud-native services (like AI/ML, CDNs and advanced analytics) to modernize your on-premises applications without expensive re-architecting to make the app cloud-native. The on-prem applications reside in the same VPC and subnet as cloud-native services without needing any inefficient network overlays. This results in near cloud-native performance with no network overheads.

Three Steps to Hybrid Cloud


With a built-in networking integration, Nutanix Clusters makes it very easy to create a hybrid cloud with Nutanix and AWS.


Watch how Nutanix Clusters makes it easy to migrate any application from any private cloud to public clouds like AWS.


All the benefits of public cloud without runaway spending. Identify 35% or more in cloud cost savings within a few months.

Take a Test Drive

Don’t have AWS bare metal instances you can use? Try a Test Drive instead. Enjoy a 30min self-guided tour of Nutanix Clusters on AWS. No cloud account needed. Learn how you can use Nutanix Clusters to connect your private and public clouds and migrate VMs across clouds with no retooling.

Start 30-day Free Trial

Create your MyNutanix account and start free trial of Nutanix Clusters. Bring your AWS accounts with access to EC2 bare metal instances and create your hybrid cloud in less than one hour.

*The free trial is of the Nutanix software. Users are responsible for costs of AWS bare metal instances

What Our Customers and Partners Are Saying

“Nutanix Clusters allows us to easily create a hybrid cloud environment spanning our Nutanix datacenter and AWS, so that we can very rapidly burst capacity in AWS when needed to quickly restore our workloads from a backup.”

- Craig Wiley, Sr Infrastructure Systems Architect, Penn National Insurance

“Whether customers want to deploy Nutanix on-premises or in the public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS), the same familiarity, ease of use, and integration exists with Nutanix Clusters.”

- Vinu Thomas, CTO, Presidio

“Nutanix Clusters provides a seamless way to burst capacity into public clouds to increase our VDI workloads when needed to support Census activities, while knowing all our apps will just work – without needing to repackage or rearchitect them.”

- Julian Doak, CISO, Australian Bureau of Statistics


Deliver Hybrid Cloud Your Way

Learn how enabling hybrid cloud with Nutanix gives you the flexibility to pick the right resources for the right workload and adjust seamlessly as your business grows.

Take a Deep-Dive into Nutanix Clusters Architecture

Ready for a deep-dive on the Nutanix Clusters architecture, networking details and deployment models? Read the Clusters whitepaper for the technical details.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Hybrid Multicloud

Learn how you can unify infrastructure management across private and multiple clouds while easily modernizing legacy applications with cloud-native integration.

Ready for a Demo?

See how the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform can make your IT invisible.