Xi Epoch

Ensure application reliability and availability in every environment

With application performance increasingly essential to the business, organizations are seeking full-stack monitoring to provide health assessments and performance analysis to eliminate bottlenecks and avoid outages. Xi Epoch is the answer.

Explore the four golden signals of application health and why proactive monitoring is key to ensuring application uptime.

Confirm Your Application Health

Instantly Visualize Interactions

Quickly and easily ensure the reliability and availability of any application in any environment using Epoch’s live application maps. Without additional code instrumentation or development resources, Epoch visualizes the interactions between components, providing operators instant access to deep analytics and enabling them to quickly pinpoint bottlenecks. 

Measure What Really Matters

Monitor your service level objectives holistically, and set alerts for aggregated KPIs, rather than tracking thousands of low-level notifications. Epoch delivers out-of-the-box alerting for “golden signals”—such as latency, error rates, and throughput—that provide operations teams powerful insights into events and trends that can impact end-user experience and application uptime, while eliminating alert fatigue.

Accelerate Your Outage Response

Epoch empowers operators with a robust analytics engine that renders millions of data points in real-time to accelerate outage investigations. Thanks to subsecond response times, teams can quickly test failure hypotheses and drill-down into applications and infrastructure, leading to dramatically lower mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) and increased application uptime.

Nutanix Epoch

Vendor Agnostic Full-stack Monitoring

With no reliance on infrastructure and 250+ integrations, Epoch enables you to instantly monitor every application regardless of where it runs.

Auto-discover Application Maps

Create and share maps that reveal services and dependencies. Monitor real-time traffic flow between all internal and external services.

Focus on Key Alerts

Cut through the noise from the infrastructure stack with holistic metrics monitoring based on specific tags and attributes.

Leverage Powerful Analytics

Accelerate troubleshooting with a query-centric interface, deep drill-down data, and numerous out-of-the-box dashboards.

Improving Cloud Application Health for ShiftLeft

See how ShiftLeft used Epoch to monitor and improve the health of their cloud infrastructure and applications.

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