Data Sciences Strategy
With Dr. Arka Mukherjee &
Dr. Art Langer

Data Science is transforming all businesses, industries and professions. Data Science builds on knowledge from computer science, mathematics, statistics, and other disciplines, and is a rapidly emerging field being utilized by successful leading-edge companies and executives to address their most challenging business problems.


This course is not about math, statistics, coding, algorithms or equations. Rather, it is a course for executives, taught by executives, and is about the applicability of Data Science Strategy to change the revenue trajectories of organizations and discover new business opportunities. 

Upon completion of the Masterclass, attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion from Columbia University Center for Technology Management (CTM) and benefit from post-Masterclass access to Columbia University Center for Technology Management papers and research.


Dr. Arka Mukherjee is the CEO of Global IDs Inc., a worldwide data management software company that provides insights, software and services for solving complex data analysis and integration problems in global companies. Dr. Mukherjee was formerly a principal in IBM and brings leadership expertise from consulting firms Accenture and KPMG. Dr. Mukherjee holds an M.S. from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur) and a Ph.D. from Princeton University and is also a Mentor at Columbia University CTM.


Director for Columbia University CTM and also the Director of Executive Education for the Data Science Institute at Columbia University and also a best-selling author and advisor to c-level and senior executives worldwide.


Learn how to anticipate and successfully address unexpected threats; mitigate the negative impacts of digital disruption;
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