Ben Ravani

SVP, Xi Reliability Engineering & General Manager

Ben Ravani is the SVP of Xi Reliability Engineering, where he oversees building and operating Xi Cloud Services and is also the General Manager of the Nutanix Seattle site. Ben brings over 28 years of experience in product engineering as well as building and operating mega cloud services. Prior to joining Nutanix, Ben was a Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering at Salesforce, driving the company’s efforts to scale the future of cloud for customer success. Before that, he was President and CEO of the Northwest Center, a social enterprise serving people with disabilities. Ben spent over 20 years at Microsoft developing products, cloud engineering and operations capabilities for B2B and B2C services. During his time there, he was General Manager for both Microsoft’s Service Engineering of Windows Live, including Hotmail, LiveID, OneDrive, and also Dynamics365. He holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.