Nutanix aids in Roche China’s digitalization strategy

Roche China deploys Nutanix HCI to upgrade IT architecture, meet security needs and digitalization strategic goals set by global office.




  • Lowered IT operating cost and provided centralised management of datacenter
  • Improved application delivery efficiency, meeting scalability demands for business innovations
  • Supports hybrid cloud platform hence futureproofing their IT environment 


Nutanix Cloud Platform


  • MES production execution system
  • Drug electronic supervision code system
  • Real-time database system
  • Environmental monitoring system
  • Environmental management system

Roche has been in China for 27 years and is committed to long term growth in the nation. It has been the leading large multinational pharmaceutical enterprise to continuously upgrade and perfect its pharmaceutical value chain (R&D, production and marketing) for the benefit of the Chinese patients.

Our patients are our priority. To ensure the highest quality of our medicine, we spare no expense in ensuring all supportive systems are equipped with the best technology, the best environment and infrastructure during production.Through Nutanix HCI, we stay committed to delivering system reliability and data-security. We are also a big step closer towards fulfilling the company’s vision in digital transformation.

Roche China, IT business partner and project head of the China production and manufacturing IT environment architecture

To support the business development, Roche China has been strengthening the digitalization based on its global IT roadmap. At the headquarters level, Roche has strategically partnered with Nutanix to enhance its digital transformation and upgrade its IT infrastructure. Roche China has also deployed Nutanix HCI platform in order to meet demands for business innovation and futureproof its investments.


Roche’s origin in China can be traced back to the 1920s and 1930s. It has always adhered to “patient first” and brought the benefits to Chinese patients. As an innovation-driven enterprise, it has continuously invested in R&D. At present, its full value chain is set in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, and is the third largest global strategic center after San Francisco and Basel.

With the government’s call for “Healthy China 2030” initiative, the healthcare industry responded quickly with rapid developments. Ensuring safety and efficiency with IT became a key differentiator in the pharmaceutical industry. Roche China has well established capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, sales and business development and hence gained early-mover advantage with their investment in IT. For example, Roche China has proposed a leading-edge smart digital factory model with predictive monitoring that covers personnel capabilities, hardware standards, system connectivity, as well as safety protocols and maintenance, etc.

In addition, various information security incidents have emerged in recent years, such as the Ransomware WannaCry bringing a challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. To strengthen the information security of the network, protect supply chain production and ensure data security, Roche continues to upgrade and enhance their IT architecture.

In response to external security threats and with ongoing maturity in digital factory initiatives, Roche China’s person IT business partner and project head of the China production and manufacturing IT environment architecture started searching the market for a solution and introduced Nutanix HCI.


As a Fortune 500 company, Roche China’s IT roadmap needs to align in strict accordance with the headquarter’s IT strategy. As such, the deployment of Nutanix in Roche China is carried out with cooperation from Roche HQ’s and Nutanix’s IT experts.

“Our HQ has studied many solutions from the leading IT architecture service providers in the industry, evaluated their performance, deployment efficiency, security and cost, and finally, we decided to choose Nutanix HCI.” Roche China’s person in charge said.

The pharmaceutical industry is under strict supervision from the China NMPA, the EU and the US FDA, as such, the IT system that supports the medicine production is an important issue. At present, Nutanix HCI supports Roche’s main pharmaceutical production systems in China, including MES production execution system, drug electronic supervision code system, environmental monitoring system, environmental management system, etc. Roche China’s person in charge said that in order to ensure better reliability, traceability and data integrity of the systems without impacting the original compliant and high-quality IT solution deployment, all relevant production systems have been migrated to the Nutanix platform.


Lowered IT operating cost and provided centralised management of datacenter

Every Roche branch has their own datacenter residing in their own country and they have the autonomy to build according to their needs. This means a wide variation of servers, storage and network equipments as well as different platforms and tools, and management systems.

Although this allows a great degree of flexibility, it created difficulties when managing disparate systems especially with life cycle management, patch management, operation and maintenance of IT infrastructures. Compatibility and integration problems are prone to occur. Hence the team strongly demanded for a centralized management solution, and urgently needed a universal platform to solve their complexity in management.

Through the deployment of Nutanix HCI, Roche IT team learnt the latest Nutanix technology, and took their IT operation and maintenance capabilities to even higher grounds. Nutanix not only reduced costs, but allowed simple and seamless management of all its infrastructure and applications from one intuitive console.

Roche China’s person in charge expressed: “Nutanix HCI helped us to realise a digital factory and we’ve unlocked several benefits especially in the area of performance, scalability, as well as cost-savings in operations, resources and ease of management.”

Improved application delivery efficiency, meeting demands for business innovations

Compared with the traditional IT architecture, Nutanix HCI solution uses graphical interface, which is more simple and intuitive, easy to manage and faster to deploy, significantly improving the efficiency of application delivery.

Roche China’s person in charge expressed that “from the business perspective, our new business applications can be up and running in just a few days with no downtime. Application speed has also improved considerably and this enhanced the overall user experience of the Roche team.” In addition, Nutanix HCI also has advantages in scalability. Nodes can be flexibly added to meet Roche China’s needs according to business workloads or application services.

With Nutanix HCI, Roche China has achieved their goals of ensuring scalability, high fault tolerance and security level. This has given them a strong support to their pharmaceutical production core applications and allowed them to meet flexible demands for business innovations. One of such example is Nutanix Prism management software which provides real-time monitoring to help IT team understand business difficulties. The IT team can then make accurate planning, respond flexibly and quickly to the meet the needs of business innovation and development.

Supported hybrid cloud platform and established futureproof environment for their IT architecture

Nowadays, cloud computing has become an important start of digitalization. Although Roche still uses self-built datacenters to run business applications, it is also exploring the possibility of migrating non-core business to public cloud. In addition, Roche China plans to modernise some business applications into cloud-native applications for future hybrid cloud deployment.

“Nutanix enables a seamless hybrid cloud journey. We can easily build a mix of on-premise and public cloud environment, to expand as needed or implement cloud backup, and match the needs of new business opportunities.” said Roche China, IT business partner and project head of the China production and manufacturing IT environment architecture.

In addition, Nutanix can provide rich data services for network security, file and object storage, virtualization and business continuity, helping to prevent and detect attacks across multiple cloud environments and perform disaster recovery after attacks – all of which can ensure the data security in the IT architecture. With Nutanix’s deployment, Roche’s business operation will not be affected, and will have a stronger and more stable environment in data management, performance and other aspects.


At present, digitization has gradually become the main driving force for the enterprise’s development and innovation. Due to its specific industry attributes, the pharmaceutical industry needs a stable and reliable IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity and production. Roche can explore the practice of Nutanix HCI in the digitalization and is at the forefront of the industry. In the future, Roche plans to build a smart digital factory with predictive monitoring, and will continue to cooperate with Nutanix in more areas to be the digital forerunner of the pharmaceutical industry