One-Click Cloud Cost Optimization for Peace of Mind

GroundTruth eliminated cloud cost leaks and increased cloud ROI with Xi Beam. 


GroundTruth delivers location-based marketing solutions to drive physical store visits and sales by leveraging location as the primary source of intent of consumers. Through its data foundation, GroundTruth sees two out three smartphone users in the U.S. and more than 20 billion physical visits annually across 21 countries globally.  


GroundTruth runs some of its workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and has a team of engineers to manage infrastructure. As the company grew exponentially, so did their AWS cloud usage—resulting in skyrocketing cloud costs with limited spend visibility across multiple business units.

Xi Beam provides complete cloud governance within a single pane of glass, so that we can understand how business unit costs are growing, from budgeted to actual cloud spend.

– Hari Venkatesan, VP Engineering, GroundTruth


GroundTruth sought a solution to gain visibility into and optimize their AWS cloud consumption. After evaluating several cloud management platforms, they decided to implement Xi Beam.

Xi Beam is a SaaS platform that enables companies to optimize their AWS costs through AI-powered optimization and one-click execution.


Within three months, GroundTruth achieved:

  • 15% initial cost reduction through reserved instance alerts and recommendations
  • 10% savings through decentralized cost governance
  • Increased accuracy of cloud cost forecasting through extensive cost analysis and enterprise cloud budgeting tools
  • Ability to track granular costs incurred by various departments increasing accountability and paving the way for possible chargeback


GroundTruth can pursue their digital journey with Xi Beam and continue to grow knowing they are getting the most out of their AWS cloud. 

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