Your Hardware Shouldn’t Limit Your Education: Leveling the Playing Field with Nutanix Frame

Robby Lynn Daniels, Computer Support Engineer Frame Administrator at Creighton University

A small change can make a big difference. I see it all the time in education: A challenging assignment or a kind word from a professor can have tremendous impact on a student, causing them to rethink their goals or to embark on an unforeseen career path.

This concept is called the butterfly effect. It derives its name from Ray Bradbury’s short story, A Sound of Thunder, about a time traveller who accidentally steps on a butterfly in prehistoric times and changes the future. A sci-fi classic, it is a cautionary tale about the unintended consequences of technology.

Fortunately, new tools often come with unexpected benefits, too. Part of my job is finding new ways that the students and faculty at Creighton University can use IT in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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