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Suda Srinivasan

Nutanix Acropolis and Prism 4.6: The Rise of the Enterprise Cloud

We announced the latest release of the Nutanix software – Release 4.6 – this morning. As with every release from Nutanix, this one is packed with new features and big improvements that will get customers excited.

Nutanix at the Gartner Datacenter Conference 2015: Elevating IT to Business Outcomes

The Gartner Data Center Conference is underway in Las Vegas, and Nutanix is excited to be here again as an event sponsor!

Now Generally Available: Nutanix Acropolis 4.5

The latest release of the Nutanix software, Acropolis 4.5, is now available to all our customers.

Announcing General Availability of Nutanix Operating System 4.1

The latest release of the Nutanix Operating System, NOS 4.1, is available today. This release offers rich enterprise capabilities to meet the needs of the most demanding applications and critical infrastructure requirements in the datacenter.

Web-scale Wednesday: This is What IT Transformation Looks Like

Web-scale IT, a radically new approach to datacenter infrastructure design and management conceived by web companies and cloud providers is increasingly becoming relevant to enterprise datacenters.